The Subtle Homophobia That’s Gradually Harming Us by Lisa

Imagine​ the process of⁤ wet shaving. The​ razor smoothly traverses​ your⁢ facial contours, effortlessly‍ eliminating stubble and seemingly leaving‍ your skin smooth and flawless. You ​rinse ‌off the foam,⁣ run your hands over your face in satisfaction, and ⁢admire your work​ in the⁢ mirror. But wait, what’s this? You feel again. A stray hair. Another. And another. Upon closer‍ examination, your shave wasn’t as perfect as you⁤ initially thought.⁣ You find yourself having to go back in ⁣with⁣ the razor, crudely hacking⁤ away at the ‌stubborn hair. Sometimes, it takes ⁤a few attempts. And even then, ‍there’s likely ‍another, more resilient hair that you can’t ⁢see,‍ perhaps ⁢nestled in the crook of your neck. ⁤Eventually, you surrender. After all, what harm is‍ a few stray hairs doing? Everyone has them. No⁤ one will‌ notice, no⁣ one will mind.

Now, you ​might ‍be wondering⁢ where this extended analogy is leading. Let me explain.‌ The wet shave represents years of LGBT activism, enhanced equality, and increased visibility. It⁢ symbolizes equal⁣ marriage, the⁢ ability to have children, and the rights ⁢we’ve fought for.⁣ The stubborn little hairs that refuse to go ‌away but you think you can tolerate, represent the remaining homophobia. It’s⁤ sneaky, ⁣stealthy, and persistent. Some ⁣might find these stray hairs acceptable, but⁢ I don’t.‍ And neither should you.

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The⁤ rapid shift towards​ liberalism and equality has rightfully made homophobia‌ a taboo term. Even the most disagreeable, right-wing neighbor or narrow-minded individual would not want to be‍ perceived ⁢as homophobic. ‌Of ⁣course, ‌it still occurs – LGBT individuals continue to be assaulted for no ‌reason and face ⁣discrimination daily ⁢–⁣ but‌ the‌ official stance ​is that this is unacceptable. Governments have enacted ‌laws, offenders have been ‌penalized (eventually), and most blatant acts⁣ of discrimination have been relegated to the⁣ past. However, this doesn’t mean the​ battle is over. Far ⁣from it. Homophobia and transphobia ⁣are still pervasive, so deeply embedded in⁣ society that they seem completely normal. No one – ‍and by no‌ one, I primarily mean heterosexual individuals, but LGBT individuals are not exempt from turning a blind eye – ⁣appears​ to be bothered or to care. But if you hand me that torch,⁢ I’ll shine it into ‌some dark, ‌uncomfortable ⁤corners.

Consider​ the US election, a spectacle of chaos by‍ even the most sociopathic standards. Ignoring all⁤ the usual ‌controversies, one​ thing I noticed was the obsession ‍of some critics to‌ reveal what they believed were Trump’s own biases by depicting ​him as the very things he detests. He’s been ⁣caricatured as the ⁢devil, and there’s likely a poorly‌ executed Photoshop image of him as ‌a notorious dictator somewhere. However, the preferred depiction,‌ aside from casting doubts about his mental health, is either in full makeup⁣ or⁤ in a romantic scenario⁢ with Vladimir Putin.

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Steps to Regain Your Sexual Confidence by Lisa

Sexual confidence ​is about understanding your value, your capabilities, and‍ what you bring to the table ⁣in ‌intimate situations. This is the cornerstone of a fulfilling sex life. However, this confidence can be undermined by past emotional trauma,‌ a painful break-up, or simply being out ‌of practice. The good news⁢ is, with a bit of self-discipline, you can ⁣rebuild ⁤your sexual confidence.

Master Your Breathing

It may seem like‍ a no-brainer, but many​ people⁣ overlook the importance of controlled ⁢breathing. When ⁢we’re anxious, our breathing becomes rapid and shallow, which only exacerbates ‍the anxiety. By slowing down and taking deep​ breaths, ⁣you ⁤regain control, allowing both your body and mind to relax.‌ This is a far more pleasant state than being in a panic.

Let Go of Negative Predictions and Overthinking

If⁢ you’re ⁣reading this, chances are you’ve had your fair share of relationships.‌ Some might have​ been⁤ wonderful, others disastrous, and a⁢ few perhaps just mundane. But remember, the past should ​stay⁤ in the‌ past. If ⁤a ⁤relationship ended, instead of dwelling on the loss, be grateful.​ That person wasn’t right for you, and now ‍you can focus‍ your ⁤energy‌ on ‍finding someone who is.

Silence Your Inner Critic

That ​nagging voice of ​self-doubt can be a real⁣ bully, constantly criticizing and⁤ belittling you. But you ⁣don’t have ‌to tolerate ⁣it. ⁣Stand up to this inner bully just‌ as you would to a real-life one. Would ⁤you let someone insult you without ​defending yourself? ⁢Of course‌ not. So don’t​ let your inner critic get away with it either.‌ Remember, you wouldn’t‌ tell your friends ​that their new partner would be sexually disappointed in them, so why tell yourself that? Silence the inner critic.

Confront Your Fears

Fear can be a real‌ mood killer. If⁢ you’re feeling scared, ask yourself why. What are you afraid of? ‍What’s the ⁢worst that‍ could ‍happen? Why don’t you feel confident? Then, challenge these thoughts ⁣and look for evidence to the ‌contrary. You’ll find instances where you were confident ‌and felt good about ‌yourself. Remember, confidence is a state of‍ mind. By changing your thoughts, you can change how you feel. The power is in your hands.

Recognize Your Value

Isn’t it high time you started supporting yourself? Shouldn’t you start ‍appreciating yourself and acknowledging all‌ the wonderful qualities that make you unique? When we truly understand our worth, sexual⁤ confidence comes naturally. Confidence isn’t something you get from others; it​ comes ⁣from within. When you know your worth, you stop settling for less. So start treating yourself with kindness, and you’ll attract others who will do the same.

For ​more guidance, ⁢visit Jacqueline Hurst’s private⁤ practice and ‍ her school.

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Is your penis curved during an erection? by Lisa

There are certain constants ⁤in life that‍ we take for granted. The inevitable rain during a British summer, the premature playing ⁤of Christmas songs in stores, and⁤ Jose Mourinho pointing fingers at the referee. One might also ⁤assume that a ‌functioning penis is a given. It’s just ‍there, performing its duties without fail. However, ⁣for an estimated⁣ 3-7% of the ⁢global male⁣ population who suffer from ⁢Peyronie’s Disease, this is ‍far from reality.

Peyronie’s Disease⁢ may not be a household name (and no,⁣ it’s not caused by excessive ‌consumption of Italian beers). Despite its ⁢relative obscurity, this condition affects thousands of men across the UK, many of whom suffer in silence.

Peyronie’s Disease is a medical condition that results in ⁤the curvature ‌of the penis. While ‍it’s normal ‍for penises to have a slight curve, Peyronie’s Disease causes⁤ a bend that can ⁢make sexual intercourse ‌painful or even impossible, and it⁢ can⁤ be ‍a permanent condition.

Throughout my medical career, I’ve encountered numerous patients who‌ delay seeking⁤ medical help due to embarrassment, with men often being the worst offenders. This is particularly true when⁤ the issue is⁣ related ‍to their sexual health. ‌This is ⁢why Peyronie’s Disease remains largely unknown ⁤and why ⁢many ⁤men fail to seek treatment.

The man ⁣sitting next to you on the train‍ could be silently suffering from​ a condition ‍that’s ⁤negatively impacting his sex life, straining his ​relationship, and causing mental health issues. In ‌a study of men with Peyronie’s disease, 77% reported psychological effects, and⁣ one in four experienced relationship problems.

As a healthcare professional, my ​goal‌ is to foster an environment ⁣where people feel comfortable discussing​ their sexual ‍health and ​related ⁤issues. ‍The more we normalize these conversations, the more people will seek treatment​ and discover available solutions. ​That’s ⁤why I’m committed to raising awareness about Peyronie’s Disease among men in the UK, through factual ‍information and candid ​discussions. Here’s what you ⁤need to know:

Understanding Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease results in an ‌abnormal curvature of the penis​ during ⁤an ⁣erection. Unlike ​the slight natural curve seen in many penises, this bend is caused by a build-up of collagen and can be extremely painful.

The Cause ⁢of Peyronie’s Disease

The exact cause of collagen ⁢build-up in ⁣the ⁢penis ‍remains⁢ unknown. It could‌ be​ a genetic​ condition or ​could result from scar tissue formation due ⁣to a sex or masturbation injury (which might have gone unnoticed). The lump or “plaque” ​of collagen ⁤doesn’t ⁤expand​ when the penis⁢ becomes erect, causing the penis to bend and resulting in pain.

Who is at Risk?

While Peyronie’s Disease is most common in​ men over ​40, it can affect anyone. Some evidence suggests it‌ might be genetic. It’s estimated that up⁢ to 7% of the male population suffers from it,⁣ but due to the reluctance to discuss the issue, the actual ‌number could be much higher.

Treatment⁢ Options

Various treatment options are available, ranging from injections to surgery. More information about the treatments can be⁢ found here. However, it’s crucial for those who suspect they might have Peyronie’s Disease to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Let’s break ⁣the silence surrounding this taboo topic. Take control⁣ of your ⁤sexual health and don’t ‍suffer ‍in silence from this debilitating condition. ‍Treatments are available, but the first step is seeking help.

For more information, visit thisispeyronies.co.uk and follow Dr Christian Jessen @DoctorChristian

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Exploring Polygamy.com: The Disputed Dating Site for Polygamists by Lisa

Gini Chase has been on a quest to find a sisterwife. She and her⁣ husband, Randy, whom she⁤ met at a nightclub⁣ 17‌ years ago, have had a⁣ history of adventurous sexual encounters. However, they are now seeking ⁤something more substantial: a permanent partner to join ‌their relationship.

At 52,​ Gini expresses her desire for a child and a happy family. “If we can have a​ child​ and ⁢be a happy little tribe, it would be a beautiful thing,”⁢ she says. However, Gini is unable to ‍conceive, and the couple hopes to find a compatible partner who would⁣ have her own relationship with Randy and ideally bear children. The ‌women wouldn’t‍ be‌ involved with each other, and there‍ wouldn’t be any threesomes. To find their “third”, the couple ‍has been‌ attending ​a ⁢polyamory group in Ohio and⁤ Gini has recently joined a new website, polygamy.com.

Polygamy.com is⁢ a matchmaking service established‍ by Sunderland-based entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala. The website aims to promote “Bigger Happier Families”. ⁢Polygamy is illegal ⁤in the UK and US, so⁣ any additional spouses would be⁢ spiritual rather than legal. Since its launch in January 2016, polygamy.com‌ has attracted 30,000 registrants from 161 different countries. It’s free to set up a profile, but members have to pay £20 and complete⁢ more than 75 ⁢per cent of their profile to send messages.⁤ The fee is primarily to filter ​out unsuitable members,​ according⁤ to Martin ⁤Currah, Chaiwala’s ​assistant.

Chaiwala is a serial entrepreneur. He started a sweet shop at 12, began buying and selling confectionery and toilet rolls‌ at 14, and made his first million at 21 in the games industry. ⁣The 34-year-old is discreet about his current ⁢financial interests, ⁣but public ‍records show that his company, associated with his website chaiwala.com, is linked to a gym, a local ⁤letting agency, a network of YouTube accounts, and online games⁢ site i6.com.

Chaiwala ​has agreed to meet with‍ GQ at his office in the Sunderland suburbs. The office is a converted ‍house on a nondescript residential street,⁣ with a room full of men working at computers downstairs and a makeshift studio upstairs where⁤ he records the ‍Azad Chaiwala Show for YouTube. A practicing Muslim, he is known for his colourful, thick-rimmed glasses and long, thick beard.

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Ways to Abstain from Sex by Lisa

Regardless of who ‌we’re with, we all want to excel in the sex-until-now-2/” title=”My partner and I, at 66, have only engaged in oral sex until now”>bedroom. We strive to be the​ best, often going to great lengths to ⁢impress our partners. But is it‌ possible that we’re ​trying too⁤ hard? Does every sexual encounter ‍need to‌ be a performance? ⁤Could some of our ‍go-to moves be ‌a bit too much? Let’s take a look at ⁣some⁣ common ‌bedroom ⁣practices that might be worth ⁣reconsidering.


Firstly, ‍let’s address teabagging. The​ name ⁢itself​ isn’t exactly enticing. Is it really worth the effort to hover over your‌ partner, positioning yourself in an awkward ‌and unflattering manner?​ The answer is no. Once it’s over, you’re left to awkwardly resume your ‌previous activities. Instead of wasting time on ⁢this, consider focusing on more enjoyable activities. The truth‌ is, having your testicles‍ sucked, regardless of⁢ the position or location, ‍isn’t as pleasurable as it’s made out to be. It’s time ⁢to move on from this practice.

Complex Positions

Is there ​anything more awkward than⁣ someone bragging about their prowess in the reverse cowgirl position or⁢ their ability⁢ to‍ perform half ‍of the Kama Sutra​ in one night? The reality is,‌ making sex​ more complicated doesn’t​ necessarily ⁢make it more⁢ exciting. If you’re too focused on contorting‍ your body into difficult positions, the overall experience⁢ is likely to suffer.‌ There are plenty of ​simple, enjoyable positions to try. If you need a‍ guidebook to get ⁢it right, it’s probably not worth it.

Expecting‌ Reciprocity

While sex​ is⁤ often‌ about give and take, ⁢it’s important to remember that it’s okay to just give sometimes. If ⁢you’re only performing certain acts in hopes of receiving something in return, you’re setting yourself⁣ up for disappointment. ​Just because you performed oral ⁢sex‌ on your partner for an extended period of time doesn’t mean you should expect the ⁢same in return. It’s okay to ​be generous without expecting anything ⁤in‍ return.

Excessive Saliva During Kissing

Who told ⁢the sloppy kissers that their technique was sexy? If your partner ⁣needs to wipe their‍ mouth after kissing you, your kisses are too wet. ‌Remember, dogs also ‍give big,⁢ slobbery kisses. Do you want to be compared to​ a dog?

The 69⁣ Position

Let’s ‌debunk the ⁤myth ‌that the 69⁤ position is sexy or pleasurable. It’s often awkward,‍ uncomfortable, and distracting. Unless‌ you⁢ and your partner are⁢ exactly the same ​size⁣ or extremely flexible,​ someone is likely to get the short‌ end of the stick. And despite what some may think, the 69 position is⁤ far from ⁢exotic or⁢ kinky.

Calling Out⁢ “Daddy!”

Even in porn, where almost anything goes, calling out “Daddy!”⁤ during sex doesn’t work well. It’s a term used⁢ by​ children⁢ to refer to their fathers, not something you want‌ to hear⁢ from your ⁣partner in the heat of the moment.

Hair Pulling

While a little pain can sometimes enhance⁢ pleasure, hair pulling often ​crosses the line into discomfort. Plus, there are potential pitfalls like greasy hands, hair extensions coming loose, and the unappealing crunch ​of over-gelled ‌hair. It’s ‌best to leave⁤ the‌ hair alone.

“Shrimping” or Toe-Sucking

The amount of preparation required‌ to make toe-sucking enjoyable makes⁣ it more‌ trouble than it’s worth. No one is⁤ ever truly‌ ready for this act ⁣when they remove their shoes.

Blowjob Techniques

Lastly, it’s time to debunk⁢ the ​myth of ⁢”new ‌tricks” for blowjobs. These⁤ often involve⁣ over-complicated techniques that distract from the simplicity of the act. ⁣The key to ⁤a good blowjob is enthusiasm, gentleness,⁣ and⁤ avoiding the use ‌of teeth. In return, we promise not to push down ⁢on ⁤your head – we don’t want any‍ accidents, do we?

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Living with an Alpha Female: A Guide by Lisa

It’s a⁣ common⁤ claim ​among men that they are acquainted with⁢ an alpha female. In fact, the ‍majority of women in my circle‍ can be classified as alpha⁣ females. Despite this, it’s surprising ⁤that ​no literature has been dedicated to understanding ⁤them until now. ‌Murray Partridge and Simon ‌Marks, two men who⁣ have‍ experienced life with‌ alpha females, have ‍taken the ​bold step to ​pen down ‌a guide titled How ⁢To Live With An Alpha Female.

Should we sympathize‌ with them? I’m not entirely ⁣convinced, even though their book is filled ⁤with humor. ‌After reading it from start to finish (in hopes of better handling my own alpha female), several sections stood out. For instance, the alpha female’s to-do ‍list. “It will be extensive and impossible for any man to complete in⁤ a day. It will also be wonderfully diverse and may‌ sometimes include conflicting tasks. Examples… ‘breakfast at The Wolseley’ followed by ‘start 5:2 Diet.’​ Or… ‘Practise 20 mins of harmonious⁤ mindfulness’ followed by ‘fire​ the gardener.’”

The book continues in this vein. I’m honestly​ amazed that⁤ Murray and Simon had the‍ courage to write this book (knowing them both, they are not the most assertive), but I wouldn’t be surprised ​if they’ve already ⁤fled⁣ to ⁢South America for the summer, leaving no trace⁤ behind.

According to their accounts, they feel utterly emasculated.⁤ As Marks confesses in his introduction, “Suddenly,​ it dawned on me. I was married to‍ a ⁤woman who was more significant than me. More photogenic, more noteworthy, ‍more intriguing,⁤ more successful, and more influential. I​ was a minor character in the life of an alpha female. In‍ fact, I was married to an‌ alpha female.”

Marks isn’t exaggerating.⁣ Knowing ‌his wife, I ‌would argue that he’s actually downplaying her significance. When⁣ I received the autographed copy of the book, I half-expected her⁤ signature instead of his.

Was I let down when I​ discovered she hadn’t signed it? Absolutely.

How⁣ To Live With‍ An Alpha ‌Female by Murray Partridge and Simon Marks can be purchased on Amazon.

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16 Dating Differences Between Men and Women and First Date Advice for Each by Lisa

In the realm of romance, the​ adage “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” often holds true. As a relationship psychologist and the ​global director of the elite matchmaking agency, ‌Berkeley International, I have the ​unique​ opportunity to understand both genders’ perspectives ‌on ⁢dating. It’s clear that men and women are wired differently, especially ‍when it comes to dating. Here, I ‌share some key dating insights I’ve gathered over 15 years of​ matchmaking.

1.⁤ Women Share More

Women tend to⁣ share more about their dating experiences, whether they were good or bad. They discuss everything ⁤from pre-date jitters and outfit choices to post-date analysis with their friends, family, and colleagues. They​ usually share ‌more personal details, from⁢ the​ man’s choice of footwear to the number of drinks they had‍ and ⁤whether they shared a kiss.

If the date went well, women like to share their success. If it didn’t, they seek reassurance from their friends that the man was at ⁣fault,⁤ not them.​ Men, however, are less likely to share ⁣detailed accounts of their dates, as they‍ don’t want to be teased for being too eager by their friends.

2. Women Prefer ⁣Men to Take the Lead

Despite the importance of equality in relationships, many women still appreciate​ traditional values and want a man to take charge. Men should try to understand the woman’s preferences before the date – does she like ‌bars, pubs, or⁣ something more unique? If in doubt, I always advise my clients to choose a classic location‌ like a chic cocktail bar –⁤ it’s a sure way to impress.

3. Women Tend to Overanalyse

Women often read into every detail. They analyse every ⁤comment and gesture made ‌by their ​date to⁢ gauge their feelings or interest level. They’ll dissect everything from the time it takes ​for the ⁢man to respond to ⁤their⁤ message⁢ to how he said goodbye on the date.

Men, on the ‍other hand, don’t usually‍ overthink these ⁤details. Women should remember that a man’s text isn’t a reliable⁢ indicator of his feelings, and men should be aware of ‌women’s tendency ​to overanalyse when communicating with them. To avoid any confusion, I recommend men to make a phone call instead of texting⁤ – women will appreciate the extra⁢ effort, ​and men ‌can avoid the back-and-forth texting.

4. Women Worry About the Details

Women’s analysis extends to the food and drink choices they make on a date. ⁣They worry about ⁣whether a drinks ⁢date will lead to dinner, ‍what drink to order, ‍what food to‍ eat, and ‌how the bill should be split. To ease women’s stress, men can take the initiative by ⁢choosing​ the wine, suggesting food early on, and offering to pay the bill (at least on the first date).

5. ⁤Women Appreciate Prompt Second‌ Date Plans

Women often feel more anxious about dating than men. They expect men to propose a second date‍ immediately​ after the first if ⁤the evening went well. If this doesn’t happen quickly, women may worry⁤ that the man didn’t like them, leading​ to disappointment. ‍From​ a man’s perspective, they​ don’t see the need to rush into arranging a second date – they prefer to ⁢play it cool to⁣ avoid seeming too eager.

6. Women are More Candid

Men usually keep their feelings close to their chest and avoid offending their date, while women are more likely⁢ to be honest. The feedback ⁤I receive every Monday is a testament to this.

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The Most Terrible Sex Advice You’ll Ever Come Across by Lisa

Can you trust a sexpert? Sometimes their advice can‍ be a bit outlandish, like suggesting you use doughnuts in a sexual manner or creating a sex schedule. Here are some sex tips that you might want to reconsider…

Humming during oral sex

Some experts suggest ‌that humming can enhance⁤ the experience during oral sex due to the vibrations. But this raises the question, what tune should you ⁢hum?⁤ Should you⁢ stick to classics like Fleetwood Mac or Joni Mitchell, or go for something more modern like Justin Bieber? Or perhaps a long, monotonous​ drone would be ⁢best. It’s a bit ⁤like being part of a Satanic cult offering up a sacrifice‍ to Beelzebub, but‌ hey, if it leads⁤ to sexual‌ bliss…

Sex ‍IOUs

You’ve probably heard of this one. ‌”For Valentine’s Day, give⁤ your ‌partner a book of ​tokens‍ representing different‍ sexual favours that can be⁣ redeemed at any time.” But is this really sexy? It can make sex feel like a chore, ‍and ⁤some of the “tricks” might make you cringe. Plus,​ who wants to see the words “golden shower” or “reverse cowgirl” ​written in a familiar handwriting on a customised notepad?

Scheduled⁢ sex

Having a set time for sex might ​seem practical, especially for busy couples. But ‌it can quickly become a burden. Imagine you’re cleaning the car or enjoying some alone time, and suddenly your sex alarm goes off. Now you have to stop what you’re doing and engage in obligatory, passionless sex while some random TV show ‍plays in the ⁤background.

Tantric sex

Sorry, Sting, but tantric ‌sex just isn’t for everyone.

Food and sex

While eating certain ⁤foods might give you a sexual high, they’re not necessarily erotic. ⁢Why would you want to eat strawberries and cream out of someone’s backside when you ‍could just ⁣wait for a clean plate? Plus, most of the food suggested for sex play is pretty basic and can get messy or smelly quickly.

Cooking naked

Unless you want to risk burning sensitive areas while frying an egg,⁣ it’s ​best to keep your clothes⁤ on in the kitchen.

Delaying orgasm

While this can enhance ​the sexual‌ experience, ‍it can ⁢also turn sex into an endurance test. And who wants to think of unsexy things just to hold off ‌climaxing?

Daily sex surprises

Surprises‍ can be great, but not all surprises are created equal. ⁢Your partner might not appreciate coming home to find you waiting naked in the⁤ hallway with just a sock covering your privates.

The figure eight/oral sex alphabet

Some suggest using your tongue to⁣ paint a figure of eight or ⁤the letters of the alphabet during oral‌ sex. But this can be ⁤more boring and tiring than pleasurable.

Sex isn’t good unless both partners climax

While the goal of sex is usually for both partners to orgasm, it’s not a failure if one ⁤of you doesn’t. It’s better ‍to relax and enjoy a cuddle than to keep trying to ⁤force an orgasm.

Abstinence is sexy

If someone suggests that not having sex will enhance‌ your sexual ‍experience, they’re either ⁣cheating on you or they’ve read a bad sex tip. Abstinence might ‍enhance the ‍size of your testicles,​ but it’s not likely to enhance your​ sex life.

Reciprocal sex

Sex shouldn’t feel⁤ like a ⁣series of tasks where you’re just ‍trying to make sure everyone gets ⁢their “share” of attention. Sometimes​ it’s your turn, sometimes it’s theirs. As long as you’re ‍not always ‌on the receiving ​end, it’s okay.

Eating ‌certain foods to improve the taste of your ejaculate

This seems like a lot of effort ‍for something that’s not supposed to taste⁢ great. If it did, everyone would be doing it. Just keep some gum and a glass of wine by the bed to ⁢quickly get rid of any unpleasant taste.

Handjob⁣ tips

Most handjob tips you read are probably just ⁣filler. There’s no magic technique that will⁣ improve the experience. Just pay attention ‍to your partner’s reactions and adjust your ⁣technique accordingly.

Candle ⁣wax

Just no.

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Steps to Create an Intimate Video by Lisa

Obtain Consent

When contemplating⁢ how ‍to create a sensual video, the initial step is to ensure​ that all participants – you and your partner – ​are⁤ comfortable with being recorded. ‌This consent should​ be obtained when everyone is sober, fully dressed, and⁢ not on the ⁣same day as the recording. It might be tempting to spontaneously start filming in the heat of the moment,‍ but it’s crucial to ensure that everyone involved is​ on board to avoid any⁢ future regrets. If your‌ partner declines, respect their decision and do ‌not attempt to secretly film them, as​ this could‌ lead to legal consequences.

Choose the Right Setting

Once ​you’ve ‍established who will be involved, the next question⁢ is where ​to‍ film. Your bedroom? Living room? A⁣ luxurious hotel? Filming in your own ‍home could risk⁤ interruptions or your home decor detracting from the‍ sensual atmosphere ​you’re trying to create.​ Moreover, if the video were to​ be leaked, would you want the world to see your ⁤bedside table cluttered with cough drops and Night Nurse?⁣ Consider investing in ⁤a hotel room or ⁤waiting until the last day of your vacation.⁢ This way, if ⁤things don’t go as planned, you can leave ‍the next morning and put the experience behind you.

Decide on a Theme

What’s the purpose‍ of‌ this video?​ Are you looking to improve your skills, celebrate your attractiveness, or⁣ bring something fresh to the adult⁤ content⁤ scene? Will ‍you be⁤ playing ‍yourself, ⁣or will there be role-play involved? For your first video, it’s best to keep ‌things ‍simple. It can be ‌challenging enough to maintain focus with a camera pointed at you, let alone introducing complex narratives or character development.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting is absolutely crucial. Ever‍ noticed ​how you look fantastic in a club‍ mirror but less so in your ⁤bathroom ​mirror at home? That’s the power of lighting. YouTubers ⁤often‍ use LED ⁢ring lights to create a flawless, youthful appearance. While you‌ don’t need to hire a professional lighting crew, subtle⁤ lighting can​ enhance your appearance and make your partner feel‍ more‍ at ⁣ease. Avoid harsh ceiling spotlights⁣ and overly ⁢dark settings. ⁤And remember to moisturize thoroughly before you start filming ⁤to​ achieve a⁢ glossy, passionate look.

Consider Wardrobe ‌and Props

Bed linen and underwear can⁣ play​ a significant role in your video. Opt for clean, simple, and well-fitting underwear. White bed linen can⁣ provide a great backdrop, but be aware that certain… elements might get lost in it.⁤ Patterned bedspreads ⁤can come across as too homely. Try to minimize personal items in⁢ the ⁢background to maintain focus on⁤ the action. It‌ might ‍be a good idea to remove⁢ any ​family‌ photos or novelty⁤ items ⁤from view.

Think ⁢About Sound

Sound can be a‍ tricky aspect to navigate. Complete silence can be unsettling, but over-the-top noises can come across as insincere. If you have an audience, they might find themselves‍ constantly adjusting their volume. Whether ‍you opt‌ for silence or expressive sounds, avoid setting your ​video to⁢ music. This isn’t the 80s.

Plan Your Direction

Are you ⁢the star of this video, or just a supporting character? Holding the camera yourself can provide ‌a more immersive experience, but it can​ also feel impersonal and unfair to your partner ​if you’re watching it together.

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Introducing BDSM into Your Bedroom in a Non-Intimidating Way by Lisa

Let’s start by defining BDSM: it stands ⁢for bondage and discipline (B&D), dominance and submission (D&S), and sadism and masochism (S&M). The term encompasses a wide range of practices and preferences, making ⁤it unique to⁣ each ⁢individual who ⁤identifies ​with it. Contrary to the portrayal in 50 Shades Of Grey, those who engage in BDSM are not necessarily mentally⁢ unstable or ⁣abusive; they simply have a preference for more unconventional sexual practices.

Another misconception propagated by 50 Shades ​is that BDSM always involves pain or‌ sex. This is not the case. The only ⁤essential elements in BDSM are trust and consent. ​The dynamic typically involves a dominant partner (who gives orders‌ and maintains ⁢control) ⁢and a‌ submissive partner (who follows the orders given by the dominant). The portrayal​ of BDSM⁣ in EL James’ novel is not entirely accurate.

Despite its inaccuracies, the book has contributed to the mainstream acceptance of BDSM. Many mainstream stores, such as Ann Summers, now have dedicated BDSM sections. However, there is still a stigma associated with ‌it, so careful planning and research are necessary if you’re interested in exploring this⁣ world.

Start by educating yourself. Visit BDSM websites, join chat rooms, read erotic fiction – immerse yourself in the culture and ‌figure out what aspects appeal to you. ‍Once⁤ you have⁢ a ‍better ‍understanding, discuss it with your partner. Introduce the topic gently, perhaps ‌by showing them⁢ a video ⁤and gauging​ their reaction. If they’re not interested,​ respect their decision. BDSM is ⁤all about consent.

If⁢ your⁣ partner is open to exploring BDSM, you can start incorporating elements ‍into your sexual routine. BDSM requires planning and preparation.‍ A simple way to start is⁤ by​ using a mask ⁣during sex. The person ⁢wearing⁢ the⁤ mask (the submissive)⁢ must trust the other person (the dominant), which can add an‌ exciting dynamic to your sexual encounters. If this goes ⁣well, you ‍can gradually introduce more elements, such‍ as vibrators.

If​ you’re⁣ interested ⁢in exploring more intense BDSM practices, it’s crucial to maintain trust ‍and open communication. Discuss what ⁤you ​both ⁣enjoyed and what else you⁤ might want⁤ to try. BDSM often ​requires⁢ specific equipment, so be prepared to invest in some⁣ gear. This could include items for bondage, ⁤such ‍as ropes and spreader bars, or sensory toys⁣ like ⁣nipple clamps.​ Dressing up can also⁢ be part ‍of ‌the experience.

By now, you should be⁣ well ⁣on your way⁢ to enjoying the diverse and exciting world of BDSM. Remember, it’s all about trust, consent, and mutual ⁤enjoyment. So, forget ‌about Christian Grey ⁢and​ create ⁤your own unique BDSM experience.

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