Holiday Gift Ideas

Create a Holiday Wish List for Your Partner by Lisa

There’s ⁢a long-standing ‌belief in⁢ our consumer-driven society that knowing exactly what someone wants and ​buying it for them is ‍the ultimate ⁢expression of love. However, this is not necessarily the case. While giftgiving can ‍be a wonderful way to show someone you care, ‍it’s not ⁣the only way to‍ express love. Yes, it’s a lovely ​gesture to surprise ​your partner with a piece of jewellery they’ve been eyeing, but it’s not the definitive demonstration of affection.

In today’s world, we’re‌ constantly bombarded ⁢with an array⁢ of products, leading us ‍to create needs before we even have‌ desires. For instance, ⁢I ​once bought a pair of waterproof ⁣tennis shoes after seeing ​an ad on Instagram, despite living in Los Angeles where ⁢it hardly ever rains. This was clearly an​ unnecessary ⁢purchase, but the power of advertising convinced me otherwise. (For‌ the record, I rarely visit the beach and have no intention of wading⁤ into the water with⁤ shoes on.)

The ⁢point ‍is, there are countless items your partner ‍might want or ‍like, and any one of them could make ⁢a great gift (the tennis shoes are actually quite good). There are also ​more sentimental gift⁣ options, such as concert tickets to see the band you both‍ bonded over on your first date, or a ⁣photo album – a truly special gift in an ⁢era​ where printed photos are a⁤ rarity. These ⁣gifts are wonderful‍ expressions of ‍love.⁤ Some might be a hit, others a miss, but your partner will⁢ undoubtedly appreciate⁣ the thought behind them.

However, there’s a unique ​kind of disappointment that comes with receiving or giving ⁢a gift that doesn’t quite hit the mark. It might be a nice gesture,⁢ but if it’s‌ something they’ll never use, it can feel​ like a wasted effort. This is ⁢something I’m particularly sensitive to, having grown up in a family where gift-giving was a fraught⁤ affair. My college roommate, on the other hand, had a‌ refreshingly mature approach to gift-giving: if ‍you don’t like it, simply return it.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be as pragmatic as my roommate and ⁢her family, brushing off ⁣the disappointment of a gift not ​being well-received. It can feel like‌ a personal‍ failure, ⁣as if you’ve misunderstood the person or the nature​ of your relationship. This is‍ often due to the common‌ human tendency to give others what we ourselves would like to receive, both in terms of affection and gifts.

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