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The Spot is Marked by G by Lisa

Imagine⁣ being a distinguished scientist about⁢ to ⁣embark on ⁤a⁤ comprehensive research project. Would you opt to ​study​ the mutations of the common flu virus? Or perhaps the proliferation of bacteria on kitchen countertops? Or, would you delve into the intimate lives of 1,800​ twins?

Well, the researchers at King’s College London have already taken the last option. They conducted interviews⁤ with 1,800 twins about ‌their sexual experiences, specifically focusing on the existence of the G-Spot. Some might argue that a⁤ quicker route to this information could have been ⁣found on adult websites featuring twins, but we⁤ applaud the scientific approach.

The hypothesis was that if the G-Spot ‌exists, both twins would ‍have one due to their genetic similarity. However, the results showed no such correlation. Researcher Tim Spector stated, “This ⁣is by far the largest survey ever⁣ conducted in this field, and it conclusively shows that the concept⁣ of the G-Spot is⁢ subjective.”

Despite these findings, not everyone is convinced. Sex writer Deborah Sundahl criticized the study, stating, “Given most people can’t ​find the‌ G-Spot, it doesn’t⁤ surprise me that ⁣half of the‌ twins can’t ⁤either.” Dr Beverley Whipple,‌ a⁤ sexologist who popularized the G-Spot in the ‍1980s, also⁢ noted ‌that the researchers failed to consider the impact of ​different sexual partners. She argued, “Twins don’t generally have the same sexual partner.”

The G-Spot, named‌ after German scientist Ernst Gräfenberg who claimed ​to have ‍discovered it in 1950, is‌ located on the front wall of the vagina, about 2-5cm up. This area is filled with glands, ducts, and erectile tissue similar to that ‌in the penis. Many women find that ⁣there is a raised, ridged, grape-sized spot in ⁢this area that becomes more pronounced when they ⁣are aroused and‌ is particularly sensitive.

Whether or not there is an obvious raised area, this is undoubtedly ⁤an‍ erogenous zone‍ that can lead to intense sexual pleasure, ‍deep multiple orgasms, and female ejaculation when stimulated⁤ by⁣ a skilled ​partner.

Before starting, ​it’s recommended that ‌the woman empties her‍ bladder to be as uninhibited as possible. It’s also advisable not to start with the ‍G-Spot stimulation right away. Instead, bring her ​to orgasm⁢ using oral ⁢stimulation on her clitoris.‌ This will leave her relaxed, aroused, and importantly, lubricated.

The G-Spot typically responds best to ‌firm pressure, so lubrication is crucial. You might prefer to use​ a sex​ toy ​instead⁣ of your fingers. ​Any firm dildo shaped in an S-Curve or with a bulbous end will work, such as the ⁣Crystal​ Wand⁤ or Jade⁣ Engraved Dildo available at Coco ⁣De Mer (£45 and £169). Good⁢ vibrators to consider include​ the Gigi by ⁢Lelo, ⁢or the ⁢G-Ki ⁢by JeJoue (£64.99 and £69.99. At Love Honey).

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