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The Delight of His Majesty by Lisa

Ever been curious about the inner workings ‌of ​a harem?‍ The shroud of mystery has ​now ⁢been lifted.

In Some Girls: My Life In A Harem, Jillian Lauren, a former New York University student ⁣turned stripper⁤ turned escort, ⁤shares her intriguing ​journey.⁢ At 18, she was lured to Singapore by a female “casting director” who promised​ her ⁤a $20,000 paycheck for two weeks of “attending parties”⁣ for a wealthy businessman and his companions.

The “businessman” was none other than Prince Jefri, the younger sibling of the Sultan of Brunei.⁢ In 1991, when Lauren’s story begins, the Sultan was worth £15bn and was the fourth richest ⁢person in the world.

Lauren’s captivating⁣ tale takes​ place in a secluded ‍palace on the island of ​Borneo. Here, she ​found herself ⁢in competition with 40 other ⁤stunning women, all dressed in designer evening gowns, sipping champagne and ‌indulging in caviar. Among them were⁢ beauty queens, fashion models, TV stars, and ⁤even Playboy Playmates, she ‌reveals.

Every night, the 40 harem girls would dress up ​and party ‌with the prince ​and a few of his friends, all vying for his attention ⁤in hopes of being chosen for sex. The prince often preferred one-on-one encounters, but he also enjoyed occasional⁤ threesomes ​or small orgies in opulently⁤ decorated rooms⁢ filled with gold-plated tissue boxes and priceless artwork. Hidden cameras captured everything in these mirror-covered ⁢bedrooms. One harem girl described the palace as resembling “a rug salesman’s house”.

Lauren reveals that the then 36-year-old playboy prince‌ had 40 girls‌ on “the rotation”, flown‍ in by private plane​ and helicopter.‍ The operation‍ was so meticulously organized that it made Tiger Woods look like a⁣ novice.

Within ⁤the ⁣harem, there was a pecking order as the girls​ vied to be⁣ the prince’s “No.1” and “No.2” girlfriend. The prince had a soft⁣ spot for‍ a popular TV‍ actress, whom ‍he pursued and invited for a “visit”. Initially repulsed, she was eventually ⁢won over‌ by ⁣the diamonds, Lauren writes. She describes‌ the prince as “handsome, despite his outdated, feathered porno ‌hair and thin moustache”.

Lauren candidly shares her first sexual encounter with the prince, whom ‍she was instructed ‍to call “Robin”. ‌She admits to feeling detached‍ during their first ​sexual encounter, and was ‍taken ⁢aback⁣ by his ‌nonchalant ​attitude. She also ⁣reveals the prince’s disregard for safe⁣ sex during the height ⁢of the AIDS epidemic in ⁤the early 90s.

Lauren acknowledges that she fits the stereotype of many sex workers – a​ beautiful woman ‌with an emotionally⁢ abusive ‌father. ‍She characterizes the ⁤prince as “pathologically narcissistic, a sex addict, and a master⁤ collector of women,”​ making ⁢him an ideal sexual partner for an 18-year-old with⁢ low self-esteem and unresolved father issues.

Lauren​ claims to be one of the first “Western” ‍girls in Brunei. However, “Morgan”, a former Penthouse ‌ Pet, was part of Prince Jefri’s harem‌ a few years after‌ Lauren’s departure. According to Morgan, ⁣fierce ​competition often ‌led to “vicious” ⁤catfights among the​ girls. She recalls one incident where‍ a former Hawaiian Tropic model and a Miss USA⁢ contestant ended⁢ up in a physical altercation, hurling insults and punches at each other.

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