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Taking Quality Photos for Dating Apps: A Guide by Lisa

With the rise of dating apps like⁢ Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, Grindr,, Hinge, and countless others, knowing how to present yourself through a good profile picture has become ⁣crucial. Despite being well into the era of dating apps, many⁢ individuals still sabotage their chances of finding love,​ whether fleeting ‌or ​long-term, by uploading ⁢unflattering photos.

Common blunders include‍ men obscuring their faces with their torsos, individuals posting ⁢group photos where it’s ⁣unclear who ‌the profile belongs to, and people not using face pictures at all. While privacy is a significant concern for some, most of these mistakes stem from a lack ‍of understanding.

Many may argue, “But ​all my photos are with friends,” or “I don’t like taking selfies! I don’t want to ask my friends to take pictures of me at the⁣ bar!” However, this lack of effort won’t get you far. To help you​ create the best profile possible, we’ve sought advice from experts, including professional Tinder photographers, a dating coach who ⁤has worked with thousands of men, a ‍sex worker who earns a living from selling good photos, and a man⁣ who once held the title of ⁤most swiped-right ⁤man on ⁣Tinder.

Don’t hide yourself

If your initial photos feature you wearing sunglasses or a baseball cap, looking away from ⁢the camera, posing against a busy background, or being photographed from afar, you’re setting yourself up for failure. “The viewer needs to be able to tell‍ exactly what you look like within the first‍ five seconds. If not, ‌you won’t be getting matches,” says Blaine Anderson, a men’s dating coach who specializes in “dating marketing.”

While film or slightly blurry ​photos might‌ give off an ⁤artistic vibe, Anderson suggests having “at least a few high-quality photos” for potential dates to get a‍ clear view of you. If you have professionally taken photos from events ⁣like⁤ weddings or birthdays, consider including them.

Anderson advises that the first photo should be a high-quality​ close-up where you’re ideally⁣ looking at the camera. “If you’re looking directly into the camera,⁣ it feels like you’re looking at the person viewing your profile, making you seem more familiar and increasing your chances of getting matches,” ​she ⁣explains.

Avoid group shots

The one⁢ piece of advice that all experts agree on⁢ is to avoid group ⁣photos. They’re a waste of a ⁢valuable photo slot.

“You won’t stand out, the quality is ​usually ‌poor,‍ and most importantly, you’re making potential dates work to ‍find you in the shot,” says⁤ Saskia Nelson, the head of creative at Hey Saturday. “Additionally, you’re bringing your friends‍ into‍ the equation. Potential dates may be ‌more attracted to one ‌of your friends, or they may ⁤decide they don’t like the look of them. Neither scenario will win you a date.”

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