Sexual Education

Has Sex Become Too Complicated? by Lisa

The Art of Love Bites

Love bites, also known as hickeys, were once a ⁢symbol of youthful passion and a sign of sexual​ activity. However, ⁣they were often seen as unattractive and even⁢ embarrassing. Fast forward a few years, and sporting a love bite could be interpreted as a sign of​ a midlife crisis or an inappropriate relationship.​ It’s best to leave these passionate ⁣marks⁣ to the younger generation.

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The⁣ Return⁤ of Fingering

Fingering, once a clumsy exploration​ of teenage sexuality, has evolved into a more sophisticated act. It’s ⁣not just about hurriedly ⁢exploring your partner’s body​ anymore; it’s about taking your⁢ time to ensure pleasure. With no fear ‍of being caught, you can now focus on doing it​ right.

Firstly, ​hygiene is crucial. Clean hands and well-groomed nails are a must. Secondly, build anticipation. Instead of rushing, take your time⁢ to explore ‍other parts of her body. Patience, a virtue often lost on teenagers, is key here. Be gentle and pay attention to her reactions.⁣ Adjust your technique based on her responses. Change your⁤ position, stroke, and rhythm. The slower you start, the more room there is for progression. Remember, it’s not just about your pleasure anymore. Seeing her ⁢turned on should‍ be equally satisfying.

When it comes to fingering a ⁢man, the⁢ principles remain ⁢the same, but the ⁤focus shifts to⁤ different areas. Don’t forget⁤ to pay attention to the perineum. This is no longer a ⁤casual⁢ exploration; it’s ⁢a serious act of intimacy.

The Joy ⁤of Dry Humping

Remember the days when you had to⁢ resort to dry humping due to a lack of contraception or privacy? Well,‍ it’s ⁣time to revisit this teenage practice. Dry ​humping can be a fun and ⁣exciting way‍ to relive your ⁢youth. It’s not just about ​necessity anymore; it’s about empowerment and sexiness. Can you bring each other to climax without any skin contact?​ For ⁣a truly nostalgic experience, dress in thick ‌denim ‍and sweatshirts, and sip on some cider ‌before you start your friction-filled adventure. Optional locations include a squeaky sofa at a friend’s party or a damp park bench ⁢on a rainy evening.

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