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Wearing a Nearly Too Sexy Versace Velvet Shirt for 24 Hours by Lisa

Do you own a‌ velvet shirt? ‍Just‍ to be‍ clear, I don’t. But who is the type of man who does?

It’s quite clear, isn’t it? The man who wears a velvet shirt enjoys a life of decadence, reminiscent of Liberace’s lifestyle. He spends his Tuesday nights in a bubbling hot tub, surrounded by ‌attractive companions, with a fridge stocked with diamonds, Champagne, and the finest Beluga caviar. He’s well aware of ‍the club’s rules, yet he chooses to break them subtly.

A velvet shirt is a deterrent to those who are detached and scornful. Those who are too cool ⁣are​ intimidated by​ its flamboyant aura, its blatant sex appeal, and its​ enticing⁣ shimmer. ‍The masculinity of a man in a velvet shirt is as powerful as the steamy scenes in Love Island’s wet‍ room after the season finale. He ⁣embodies the raw charisma of ⁣Keith Richards, slightly intoxicated but always in control.

The Velvet Shirt Man (VSM) is as iconic as Burt Reynolds’ moustache, as he lies naked on a Persian rug in front of a⁣ roaring fireplace, grinning mischievously. VSM enjoys the feel of black satin‍ sheets against his tanned skin and wakes up each morning to the sound of peacocks mating in his beautifully landscaped garden. VSM is a‍ seasoned traveller, yet he feels at home​ wherever he lays his head or removes his shirt.

Could I become such a man? Such a mystery? Such a virile stud? Could I lead that ⁣life, simply by wearing a velvet shirt for 24 hours? This​ was⁤ the ‌question I asked myself as ‍I removed my usual daily attire of a ⁢pitch-black T-shirt⁣ and a soft navy cashmere⁣ sweater. The shirt I chose to experiment ‍with is from Versace. Even before I put it on, I could feel its power, its aesthetic influence pulsating as if it were alive.

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