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Eddie Redmayne Contradicts Germaine Greer’s Controversial Views on Transgender Issues by Lisa

Renowned ‍feminist author Germaine Greer has once again sparked controversy ‌with her comments about transgender women. During her appearance on the Australian television program ‍Q&A, Greer ⁢seemed‌ to ‍initially ⁢retract her previous statements about the transgender community. However, she quickly reaffirmed her controversial views.

The author of The Female Eunuch argued that it was unjust for a man who has lived as a male ⁢for⁤ 40 years, fathered children, and benefited from the unpaid labor of a​ wife, to then decide that he ‌has always been‌ a woman. These comments led to a ⁢backlash on social media, with critics accusing Greer of transphobia, attention-seeking, and hypocrisy.

In the past, Greer has made contentious statements such as, “Just because you lop off your penis…it doesn’t make you a woman.” She has also⁤ criticized Caitlyn Jenner’s receipt of Glamour’s Woman Of The Year award, suggesting that Jenner was merely‌ trying to outshine the other‍ Kardashians.

Eddie Redmayne, who was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Lili Elbe – one of ⁤the first recipients of sex reassignment surgery – in The Danish Girl, expressed his disagreement with Greer’s views. He lamented the fact that feminism and transgender issues ⁢were ⁣being pitted⁤ against each other, emphasizing that most feminists support the transgender community.

Despite‍ progress in transgender rights and visibility, and the gradual​ erosion of rigid gender norms –⁢ as evidenced by Mattel’s recent advertisement featuring a boy playing with a Barbie doll – gender‍ identity remains a contentious issue. Transgender individuals continue to face significant⁢ discrimination. A 2014 survey revealed that nearly half of transgender youth in the⁣ UK had attempted suicide.

Greer’s comments reflect a resistance ⁢to change. Despite being given multiple ⁤opportunities to apologize or clarify her statements, she has only further entrenched herself in controversy. As a figure who has significantly influenced feminism, it is disheartening to see her dismiss transgender women⁢ based on an outdated concept of collective female identity – a notion that feminism seeks to ‌challenge. This raises the question: what, in Greer’s opinion, constitutes a “real man”?

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