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Renowned artist Alexandra Rubinstein ⁤ surprised everyone this week by releasing ⁢a series of ⁣eight 45.72cm by 45.72cm oil-on-panel paintings for sale on her ⁣website. ​The paintings, which ⁢depict men‍ performing oral sex on women, are bold, provocative, and unapologetically explicit.

The series, titled Celebrity Cunnilingus, features different women and ⁣settings in each painting. This ‌is ‍a significant departure from the ‍art world’s usual subtle subversions.⁤ The explicit representation of lust, featuring the faces of celebrities like David Beckham and⁤ James Franco, may raise‌ eyebrows among dealers​ and collectors.⁤ However, true art enthusiasts‌ will appreciate its contribution to promoting third-wave feminism.

Alexandra Rubinstein

We propose that Rubinstein should continue this series on larger canvases,‍ featuring more Asian and Eastern European celebrities,‌ as well as renowned scientists, architects, and mayors. On her website, she⁢ has also introduced “Grab Yours” t-shirts, ⁢a powerful statement against‌ Donald Trump’s infamous comments.

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In her own words, Rubinstein explains the motivation behind her work: “These paintings⁣ reflect the lack of heterosexual female ‍perspective in the representation of sexuality in mainstream media and pornography. ⁢They depict male heartthrobs performing oral sex⁣ from the woman’s point of view. Cunnilingus⁢ is censored in mainstream​ media, rated NC-17 in film, ​and is underrepresented in pornography, which reinforces the notion that sex is ⁤about men and their pleasure. This series is largely inspired by the lack of female-targeted pornography available on the ​internet or in print.”

The title‍ of each painting references the work ⁢of the male performing⁢ oral sex, adding a ⁣narrative element to the visual. The point of view focuses on and eroticizes the male to‌ better target its female audience.”

Prints of Celebrity Cunnilingus are available⁤ for $100 on ​Alexandra Rubinstein’s⁢ website. The prices of the original works are not specified, but interested buyers can contact the artist for⁢ more ⁢information.

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