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16 Dating Differences Between Men and Women and First Date Advice for Each by Lisa

In the ⁤realm of romance, the adage “men ⁣are from Mars, women are ‍from Venus” ‍holds a lot of⁢ truth. As a relationship psychologist and the ​global director of ⁢the ⁤elite ⁢matchmaking agency, Berkeley International, ⁢I have the privilege of working intimately with⁣ both genders. I‌ help them understand what they seek in a⁤ partner, their perceptions about dating, and their experiences from their dates. It’s evident that⁣ men and women are wired ​differently, especially when ‍it comes to dating. In this article, I will share some key dating characteristics I’ve noticed over my 15 years of matchmaking.

1. Women Love to Share

Women are generally⁤ more expressive about their dating experiences, whether they were good or⁢ bad. They eagerly share every⁢ detail with their friends,​ family, and colleagues, from pre-date jitters and outfit choices to post-date analysis. They usually don’t hesitate to divulge personal information, discussing everything from his choice of footwear to the ⁤number of ​drinks they⁣ had, and even if they ⁤shared a kiss.

If‌ the date went well, women love to brag about ‍it. If it didn’t, they seek reassurance from ⁢their ‌friends that the fault lay with him, not them. Men, conversely, are ⁢less likely to share detailed accounts of their dates on their group chats, to avoid being‌ teased for appearing too eager.

2. Women Appreciate Assertive Men

While ⁢equality is crucial in any relationship, many women secretly yearn for traditional roles and⁣ appreciate when a man takes charge. ⁣Before the ‌date, men should ‍try to understand the kind of woman they’ll be‌ dating –‍ does she prefer bars, pubs, or something‌ more unique? If in doubt, ⁣I always advise my clients to opt‌ for a classic location like a‌ chic ⁢cocktail bar⁣ – it’s ⁤a ⁣sure way ‌to impress​ a woman.

3. Women Tend to⁣ Overanalyse

Women have a tendency to overthink things. They scrutinize every comment ⁤and gesture made by their date to gauge his feelings towards them or ⁤his level of interest. They’ll‍ dissect everything from the time it takes ⁣him to respond to their message to how he said goodbye on the date.

Men, on the other hand, don’t usually overthink in⁣ this manner. Women should remember‌ that a man’s text isn’t a reliable indicator of his feelings. Men should be aware of women’s propensity for ⁢overanalysis when communicating with them. To​ avoid any confusion, I recommend men to make a phone call instead of texting – women will appreciate the​ extra effort, and ‍men can avoid the back-and-forth texting.

4. Women Worry⁢ About the Details

Women’s tendency to overanalyse ⁢extends to their food and drink choices on a ‌date. They worry about whether a drinks date will ‌lead to dinner, what drink to order, what ⁣food to eat, and how the bill should⁤ be split.⁢ To ease their ‍stress, men should take the initiative⁢ by choosing the wine, suggesting ⁢whether to order food early on, and offering to pay ⁢the bill ‍(at least on ‌the first date).

5. Women Prefer Prompt Second Date Plans

Women are generally⁢ more anxious about dating ⁤than‍ men. They expect men to propose‌ a second date immediately after the first if the evening went well. If this doesn’t happen quickly, women⁢ may worry that ​the ⁤man didn’t like them, leading to disappointment. From a man’s perspective, there’s‍ no rush in planning a second date – they prefer to play it ⁢cool to avoid seeming too eager.

6. Women are More​ Candid

Men ⁢tend to be more guarded and avoid offending their date, while women are more likely to be ‍honest. The feedback I receive every Monday is a ⁢testament to this.

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