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The Top 25 Lingerie Brands for Her Ultimate Comfort and Style by Lisa

Choosing ‍the perfect lingerie​ for her, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just because, is a thoughtful and intimate gift that⁣ never goes out of⁢ style. It’s ⁢a ⁣present that not only makes ‌her feel cherished but also desired. ⁢Whether it’s a matching bra and thong set‌ or a⁣ complete suspender and waspie ensemble, ​the thrill is mutual.

However, selecting the right ‌lingerie can be a daunting task, and it’s a question‌ we often get ‍asked. So, where should you‌ begin? Emily Bendell, the founder and CEO of our beloved lingerie⁤ brand ⁤Bluebella, shares ⁣her insights: “The essence⁢ of ⁤exquisite lingerie is to make the wearer feel beautiful and confident.” To achieve this, you need to be aware of a few things: her underwear sizes, her ‌lingerie preferences, and the brands that are worth investing in.

We’ve curated a list of our⁤ favourite lingerie brands, handpicked ​by ⁢the‍ women on our‍ team who have worn them and the men ⁣who have gifted⁤ them to their partners for special occasions. But before you⁤ embark on your⁣ shopping⁤ spree, here⁤ are some things you should know.

**JUMP TO: ‍ **The list ⁢| Know her⁤ bra size | Buy for her, ​not you | Consider the best bra style for her shape | Consider colour | There’s more to⁢ lingerie than bras and⁤ briefs

How‍ to ⁤Choose⁢ the Perfect Lingerie ⁣for Her: Top ⁤Tips

Know her ⁣bra size

It may ‍seem like a no-brainer, but the first rule of buying lingerie for‍ women is knowing her bra size ⁢(both band and​ cup size) and ​underwear size. Never attempt ‌to guess. As Emily points out, “A poorly fitting set will simply not be worn.” While her ⁣underwear size may ‌align with her jeans or workout ​leggings size, finding the right bra size can be a bit more complex.

If you’re unsure, the best approach is ‌to ⁤sneak a peek into her lingerie drawer and note the size she usually ⁤wears. If you’re‌ faced with “regular”​ dress ​sizes (12, 14,‌ 16 or M, L, XL etc.)⁣ instead of the typical 34B-type⁣ sizes, don’t worry.⁤ Just choose the ⁤size she usually ⁤wears in tops.

And don’t fret if ⁤the lingerie ​brand uses unconventional ⁤sizes (like 1, ‌2, 3, and 4).‌ As long as you know her bra and ⁣dress⁣ sizes,⁣ a store assistant or sizing chart can guide you.

Buy for‍ her,​ not you

Once you’ve figured out her size, it’s time ⁢to think about the‌ style. We’ll delve into the specifics of ‍bra ⁤styles later, but in general, you should aim to buy something that she’ll feel fantastic in. “No one wants‍ to receive a gift that​ doesn’t reflect their‌ personal style. It⁤ suggests the giver doesn’t know the recipient​ well, or is thinking more ​about ‍themselves than the recipient,” Emily advises.

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