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Str8Curious: An Insight into Pride Parades by Lisa

Is There a Sexual Undertone to Pride Parades? (And‌ Can I Find a Potential Partner There?)

Str8Curious is a regular AskMen column where lifestyle expert and⁢ proud ‍member of ‌the LGBTQ+ community, Joey Skladany, addresses questions from ‍heterosexual men about ‌sex, ⁢dating,⁢ and LGBTQ+ ⁢issues. He offers advice, dispels myths, and provides honest insights — from a gay perspective. If you have a ⁢question you’d like to submit (anonymity⁢ will be respected), you can reach Joey directly on Instagram or email him at [email protected]).

The Inquiry

“I am preparing to attend my first Pride in ⁤NYC, but I’m unsure of what to anticipate. Is it as extravagant as it ‍appears in photos? Should I worry about unsolicited sexual advances? Can I actually meet⁣ potential partners or have a ‍good time?” ‌- Bradley, ‍Livingston, NJ

The Response

Welcome‌ to Pride, friend. If you’re openly gay, you can use this month to celebrate your identity, pay tribute to those who paved the way, and advocate for further legal protection of ‌our rights.

Remember, Pride is more than just a parade filled with confetti and rainbows — it’s a state of⁣ mind. It’s a time ⁢when members of the LGBTQ+ community can live authentically and without judgment.

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Pride events ‍in most major cities offer social gatherings beyond the parade. These⁣ venues,⁤ often gay bars, music halls, and outdoor spaces, are where you’re‍ likely to meet potential partners ⁢and experience the extravagance you mentioned.

Pride can be‌ whatever you ⁤want it to be. A quiet drink at the bar and‌ an early night? No problem. A wild party and a hookup? Easy to find. A cozy dinner‌ with your ⁣closest queer friends and allies? Absolutely.

There’s no wrong way to celebrate your‌ homosexuality, bisexuality, or⁣ pansexuality.

The parade​ is a culmination of these events, concerts, and parties, attracting people of⁣ all ages and backgrounds (including⁣ many straight ⁢allies) to⁢ show support‍ for our community.

Despite what some‍ media outlets may suggest, it’s not a debauched orgy in the streets. Instead, it’s a lengthy route filled with representatives from nearly every major business ⁣in the country.

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At a Pride parade, you’ll see people dancing, cheering, smiling, and hugging. It’s a celebration ​of love, diversity, ⁢and inclusion. It’s also a rare occasion that restores my faith in humanity.

Can⁤ you meet potential partners at the parade? Absolutely! The routes are crowded with friendly visitors. But will you be subjected to explicit sexual acts in public? No.‌

If ⁣you’re looking for something more risqué, you might be thinking​ of events like Folsom in San Francisco. ​If that’s your goal (no judgment here), consider using an app like Grindr for faster results.

Stay aware, stay hydrated,‌ but most importantly, stay present and soak up‌ the positive energy around you. It’s ⁤a great day ​to be part of our diverse community.

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