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An Adult Film Star’s Guide to Mastering Oral Intimacy by Lisa

Whether you’re ⁢giving or receiving, there’s a lot more to oral sex than meets the eye. It’s not just about bobbing your⁤ head ⁢or lying back passively. Oral sex is a two-way street that requires thoughtful positioning,‍ clear⁤ communication, ⁤and most importantly, practice. To help ⁣you master the⁣ art of oral pleasure, we’ve sought advice from three adult content‌ creators and porn stars: London Twink ​Milker,⁤ Josh Collins, ⁢and Gwen⁣ Adora. They’ve shared their top tips for achieving ​oral sex excellence.

Here’s your comprehensive ⁣guide to giving and receiving the ultimate ⁣oral ‌pleasure, as ⁢advised by the experts themselves.

Preparation is Key


Before ‌diving in, it’s important to set the mood. Collins suggests starting⁣ with some passionate kissing. If things are heating up, you can gradually move your hands towards their ​crotch, and then slowly⁣ kiss down their body⁣ to initiate the act.

Adora also ⁤recommends starting with your hands. A good ‍handjob can be a fun way to tease your ⁣partner before​ you start using ⁢your mouth. She suggests kissing everywhere but the penis to build anticipation, which can make your partner crave ⁢for more.


If you’re on⁣ the receiving end, grooming is crucial. While surprise oral ⁢sex can happen, it’s always best⁤ to be prepared. Nobody wants to‌ be⁢ interrupted by having to remove stray hairs. Collins prefers to keep⁤ things trimmed or‌ shaved, but ultimately, it’s up to the individual’s⁤ preference.

LTM emphasizes the importance of hygiene: “Just be freshly‍ showered ‍– unless they explicitly ⁣ask you not ⁣to be.” If you’re short on time and can’t shower, a quick wash ​with‌ soap and water should suffice. Treat every part of your skin as if you’ll have to‌ taste it yourself. Your underwear should ​be ‌clean and⁢ fit ⁣well. And perhaps, save the novelty character underwear for⁤ another occasion.

Before⁣ you start, ensure ​that both parties are eager and‍ consenting. As LTM puts it, “The best head is from someone ​who’s very ​eager ⁣to give. If you have to ask, it’s probably better to do something ⁤else.” Oral sex should be a gift, not a chore.

Choose the Right Position


“Position​ is very important, especially if you’re aiming to give a slow edging blow job over maybe half an hour or ‍so,” says⁤ LTM. ⁢”It’s⁢ important that the giver is comfortable. I‍ prefer sitting in a low ‍chair between his legs with him sitting ‌in a higher ⁣seat opposite me. This allows ⁣me to focus on his⁤ muscles ⁤tensing and throbbing, rather than my neck⁢ or⁢ back‌ aching. It’s also very important​ for avoiding teeth; if your teeth‍ are scraping him, it’s⁤ almost certainly because you’re in the​ wrong position.”

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