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Appropriate Attire to Attract a Romantic Partner by Lisa

Life is a series of tasks ⁤that‌ need to be⁢ accomplished. ⁣Have you ever considered the extensive list of ‌things we need to do to‌ be attractive to ‍others? It’s a long​ one. We’re​ told to maintain a ‌good haircut, keep our nails clean, and avoid⁤ cheesy ‌pick-up‌ lines. We do all these things, we polish our rough edges. We monitor⁤ our diet, exercise regularly, maintain oral hygiene, and even read articles on how to behave⁤ on a first date.

While you ‌can work on your ⁤personality and ⁤hairstyle, there’s a shortcut‍ to avoid‍ being unattractive – it’s all⁤ about your attire,⁣ your outfits, your closet.

It’s one thing to be rejected ⁢due to your dull sense of humor or incompetence, but‌ to be rejected​ because of your clothes? That’s unacceptable.⁢ Dress right, and your personality might not even be noticed – until the clothes are off, of course.​ There are no guarantees,​ but if you want to be attractive,⁢ these wardrobe ⁣essentials might help.

Quality socks

Socks are more than‌ just functional, yet‍ we often‌ overlook them, treating them as mere covers for our ankles. However, not all socks are created equal.‌ Black‌ socks, for instance, ​are suitable for funerals and lazy trainees ⁣who can’t be bothered to pair them. A black sock is a waste of fabric⁢ – you might as well expose your bare legs. A splash of color ⁣between your pants and shoes indicates ⁢attention to detail. It’s a part that ⁣hardly⁤ anyone ​sees, but anyone worth impressing will notice, so ‌don’t fall ⁣short. Avoid going overboard with‍ patterns or brightness – you’re not at a holiday party – ​and steer clear of anything too light or your ankles might appear yellowish. A colored sock with a subtle stripe or polka ‌dot sends a clear ⁢message: I’ve considered everything, this will be ⁢good. And ‌yes, I will make⁢ you feel⁣ good.

Reiss offers a variety of tasteful socks that you wouldn’t mind seeing on ⁢someone’s floor.⁤ If you ‍want ​to stand out, try the less flashy end of the‍ Duchamp range.

Pants that fit you well

There’s no point in working out at⁣ the gym if you’re going to wear loose jeans that flap around your legs and drag‌ in the mud. We want to see what ‍you’ve got. Your ⁣backside is likely the second thing anyone interested ​in you will look at, so ⁣make sure it’s​ visible. When I was single, I had three pairs‍ of ‍light⁤ grey wool pants that fit me ‌perfectly⁣ and hugged ⁤my ‌backside so tightly, it was as if my buttocks were in a tribunal. ⁢I’d wear them on a date and offer to go ⁤to the⁤ bar to see if they ​watched me walk away. If they ‍did and ​kept their ⁤eyes on‌ my backside, I knew I was in. You​ need pants like this in your life.

Skinny pants are great if you want to highlight ​your slim figure – it certainly conveys a ​certain vitality, if nothing else – but ⁣if you’ve been hitting the gym hard,‍ opt for something with a slim cut that doesn’t taper in – you don’t want to look like you’re supported by‌ two overstuffed⁣ sausages. Jeans⁢ are a good choice, ​but avoid embroidered pockets, ripped ‌knees, ⁣and the‌ dreary stonewash style. Keep them dark, ⁤simple, and avoid too ‍much of a cuff unless you want to appear shorter than you are.

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