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Bill Clinton once famously stated, “I did not have⁣ sexual relations​ with ‌that woman.” Barbara Bush countered, “Clinton lied.⁢ A ⁤man ​might forget where he parked or where he lives, but he never forgets oral ⁤sex…”‌ This ⁤intimate act,‍ often referred to​ as fellatio, is a‍ unique experience that many men cherish. One woman who has mastered this art is the red-haired Fellucia Blow.

Since the launch of her website, ‌, in the previous fall, Fellucia Blow (a pseudonym) has gained a reputation ⁢as a connoisseur ⁤of the⁣ act.​ Her work, stylishly filmed and ⁣set to soothing jazz, stands out in ⁢stark contrast to the typical‌ adult content available online. It’s akin to⁢ a luxury chauffeur-driven ride compared to a mundane white van.

While Fellucia doesn’t identify as a porn actress, she⁢ earns her living by ​performing fellatio‌ on real men in videos that‌ others pay to​ watch. For instance, Video⁤ 69 ⁤showcases‍ Fellucia straddling a man’s chest and performing the act. ‌The video is shot in a way that⁤ highlights‍ the sensuality and‌ intimacy of the act.

So, what’s ​the fascination with fellatio? Derived from⁤ the Latin word ‘fellare’, meaning to suck, fellatio‌ has been a significant⁢ part of ⁢human sexual experience for a ⁣long ⁤time. It was once⁢ believed that only humans and bonobo chimps engaged in this act. However, recent‌ studies have found that fruit bats also partake in⁤ it, with⁤ females who perform the act ‌experiencing ‍longer intercourse.

According​ to paleontologist Yves Coppens, evidence of‌ oral sex ‍can be ‌traced back to our earliest civilization. Ancient Egyptian gods Osiris⁤ and Isis are depicted in‍ explicit sexual acts in the British Museum, suggesting that fellatio‍ has​ been a part of human sexual practices ⁢for millennia.

More recently, fellatio has found its way into our ‌cultural canon. Poets like WH Auden‌ and⁢ John Updike⁤ have written about it, and it has inspired famous adult films‍ like Deep​ Throat. The act of fellatio offers unique pleasure ‌to both parties​ involved, making it a⁢ cherished part of sexual intimacy.

Fellucia Blow⁤ has been fascinated ⁢with fellatio for ‌as long as she can ⁢remember. Creating images and⁢ videos for her website is⁤ now her full-time job. Each week, she adds ​fresh content, and her site already receives around⁢ 400,000 hits a month, with nearly 4,000 members.

Unlike the typical adult content featuring surgically enhanced actors, Fellucia’s work is a genuine ⁣fantasy.⁤ Some might even call it art. It’s a refreshing ⁢change in a ‍world dominated by less​ tasteful content. As the⁣ saying goes, the‌ proof ⁣of the pudding is in the eating. Perhaps you should explore ⁣it ‍for yourself…

This article ⁣was originally published⁣ in the July issue of British GQ. The author, Rebecca Newman, is GQ’s Erotic ‍Affairs Editor.

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