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Frank Ocean Strongly Encourages the Use of a £27,000 Cock Ring by Lisa

Frank Ocean, the renowned singer-songwriter and entrepreneur, unveiled his ⁤brand,⁢ Homer,‍ last summer. Since its inception, the brand has released a variety of luxury accessories, including lab-grown diamond necklaces, silver-plated ‌key charms, and⁣ even hinted at a collaboration with Prada. The diamond necklaces, which have been⁣ sported by celebrities like Drake, ​are priced at a‌ staggering £250,000.

Recently, Ocean ⁢announced a new product line from Homer that⁤ ventures into ⁢the​ realm​ of adult ‌toys. The artist, known for his ‍subtle and infrequent public appearances, shared a picture of himself to‌ announce the latest product, “dogs⁢ in gold“. ⁤The new collection includes more jewellery, such as solid gold‍ dog pendants and chain bracelets adorned with jewels, and a robust belt buckle. However, the standout item is a $25,000⁤ (£27,159)​ cock ring, aptly named the XXXL H-Bone Ring, designed for a specific clientele.

The 18-karat yellow​ gold cock ring is embellished‌ with 60 ‍lab-grown diamonds. There are also additional rings available at lower prices, ranging⁣ from £1,130 to £4,710,‌ albeit in smaller sizes. Despite their lower price tags, ⁢these items are still ​considered luxury goods, far from the average products ‍found in Soho’s⁤ streets.

Frank Ocean’s foray‌ into‌ adult ‌toys shouldn’t come as a surprise, given his lyrics often touch on themes of lust, ‌pleasure, and sexual performance, as seen in tracks like “Sierra Leone” and “Pink Matter”.

The product⁢ launch stirred up a buzz on​ Twitter, with Ocean’s fans expressing their amusement⁣ at his new business venture. ⁢One user humorously suggested proposing to his girlfriend with the Frank Ocean cock ring, while another commented on Ocean’s decision to ​sell ​a cock ring‌ instead of releasing a new album.

For those interested in purchasing the latest products from Frank ⁣Ocean’s brand, they are now available on [](

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