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Sunday is the Most Lustful Day by Lisa

Despite my ‍frequent annoyance with dating apps, I never quite ‌managed to completely abandon ⁤them. Instead, I would casually ‌browse, ​usually⁣ during slow work hours, engaging in some light-hearted conversation⁢ but never actually meeting anyone. However, when Sunday arrived, my casual approach would ⁢take a backseat. Something about Sundays made​ me eager to open the app and start swiping​ enthusiastically. This became a consistent pattern, leading me to investigate⁢ why ⁤Sundays triggered such a strong desire in me.

A quick Google search confirmed that I’m not the only one experiencing this⁣ phenomenon, often referred to as ‘Horny Sundays’. The⁤ reasons behind this weekly surge​ of desire vary widely.⁢ Some attribute it to boredom or a​ general need for ‌relaxation.​ Others believe that⁣ the dreariness of the day leaves being horny as the only viable option. One individual even suggested that suggestive imagery in ⁣churches could be the cause.

Interestingly, a UK survey revealed that Sunday morning is⁢ the most common time for people to engage in sexual activity. This suggests‍ that those of us‌ experiencing ‘Horny Sundays’ are onto ‌something.

To further validate​ my theory, I conducted ⁤a Twitter⁤ survey. As expected, Monday received the fewest votes, with Tuesday and Wednesday not faring much better. However, there were a few individuals who⁣ preferred early-sex-until-now-2/” title=”My partner and I, at 66, have only engaged in oral sex until now”>week sexual activity. Most of these‌ respondents claimed that sex helped to​ alleviate the drudgery ⁤of ⁣the weekdays. Kyle, 25, stated, “I’m fresh from the weekend. Sex makes my Mondays a little more bearable.” James, 33, ⁣concurred with the ⁤sentiment, if not the specific day, saying, “I think Tuesday is the worst day of the ⁢week if you work a Monday ‍to Friday, so I usually want to have⁤ sex to improve it.”

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