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It’s the Season for ‘Soft Launches by Lisa

As dating trends evolve, one that is ​gaining traction ⁤across social media platforms is ‘soft launching’. This involves subtly introducing your new relationship to your online followers before it ‌becomes official in your private chats. It’s a creative⁣ way to announce your relationship status change, creating anticipation among your friends. This trend aligns with the concept of slow dating, which has gained popularity during the ⁣pandemic, ⁤according to Naomi Walkland, Head of Bumble UK &‌ Ireland.

Walkland notes that “Two in ⁢five people are taking their time to get to⁢ know people before taking the next step.” This cautious approach to dating, which was necessitated by the pandemic, has now extended​ to how relationships are made public. Soft launching allows individuals to ‌control the pace of their relationship’s progression and can be a useful tool for those hesitant ​to commit. It can ‍also serve⁢ as a catalyst for ‘the talk’ if it’s being avoided.

So, how can you tell if you’re being​ soft launched? Here are some signs to look out for:

Abstract‌ Photos

Soft launchers ​often use abstract photos to hint​ at a ⁣new relationship. They might capture you‌ in ‍a way that your identity‍ remains hidden,‌ or they might gradually introduce⁢ you ​through photos of shared experiences or body parts. ‌The point is to subtly suggest the presence of a ‘someone’ in their life.

Personal Items

Soft launching doesn’t necessarily require your‌ physical presence. Evidence of your existence can be subtly suggested through photos of your personal items or clothing. This could range from a selfie in an unfamiliar apartment to wearing something that clearly doesn’t belong to⁤ them.


Soft ‍launchers⁢ may also use crowdsourcing ‌as a tool to hint at⁣ a new relationship. They might ask for recommendations for romantic restaurants or vacations, subtly suggesting the presence of‍ a new partner.


Soft launchers often use ‍social media check-ins at romantic locations‌ to hint⁤ at a new relationship. You might even find yourself‌ tagged in these check-ins.

The Green Circle

If you’re connected ⁤on Instagram and notice ⁤that you’re excluded from⁤ certain stories, you might be being soft launched. The ‘close friends’ feature or alternate accounts might be used to share updates about the new relationship with a select audience.


Soft launchers might also use captions ‌to hint at a new relationship. Look out for vague references to ‘this one’ or ‘the⁤ boy’. As the‌ relationship progresses, these might evolve into possessive pronouns, indicating that face-to-face introductions are imminent.

Keeping it Private

If you⁤ prefer ⁢to keep your relationship private,​ it’s important to communicate this to your partner. Agree to ​keep your relationship off social media‌ and review this decision regularly.

Embracing the Trend

While⁤ being soft launched might feel intrusive, it can also be a fun ‌way to⁣ build anticipation and excitement among your friends ‍and family. It can serve as an inside joke and a bonding experience, and might even make the eventual public announcement more exciting.

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