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Enjoyable First Date Ideas by Lisa

Over the⁢ years, our⁤ quest ⁢for ​convenience has‍ significantly impacted the dating ⁢scene.⁤ The rise of dating apps​ has certainly eased ‌our anxieties, but it has also increased the pressure for the first date to be flawless – unless, of course, you’re ⁤a ‍character in a Hollywood movie ⁣with⁣ only 15 minutes ⁢left to wrap up the story.

So, what’s the ideal‌ setting for a first date, and what activities should you plan?

Top Five First Date Ideas

1) ⁤Coffee Date

If you’re uncertain about your date or vice versa, a casual coffee‍ date could be the perfect solution. ⁢It’s like a trial run ‍for ⁣a date. Coffee shops, known for their tranquillity, offer minimal ⁣distractions, allowing you to focus on your date and gauge⁤ if you’d like to spend ⁢more time with them. However,⁢ it’s best to avoid overly trendy ⁤coffee shops with constant background ⁤noise and overly enthusiastic ⁣baristas. If the date goes well and you’re ready for more than just a cup of coffee, you can⁣ always head to a…

2) Pub

A pub is a classic choice for​ a ⁣date.​ However, ‍the success of this choice depends on the quality‌ of the⁣ pub you choose. Pubs are popular because‌ they‌ serve‍ alcohol, which can help ease nerves or fill ⁤awkward silences. Even if you end up in a less-than-ideal pub, you can ⁢bond over critiquing it ​– a shared dislike can be a great ice breaker. Be ⁢aware, though, ⁤that your⁢ date may judge you based on your ‌pub choice. If they don’t seem to be enjoying it, you can always say⁢ a friend recommended it or you found it online. ​If they⁤ love it, claim it as ​one of ⁤your⁢ favourites – even ⁣if it’s⁢ your first visit. If you’re a regular, be ⁣careful not to ⁢appear too familiar with the staff, as your date may think‌ you have a drinking⁤ problem.

3) Bowling

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Experts’ Advice on How to Successfully Meet People in Real Life for Dating by Lisa

At times, I find myself pondering ⁣over how dating​ used to be in the past. People would meet ‌in person, perhaps⁣ at a club or on‍ the⁤ street,‍ and ‍exchange phone numbers written on ‍a piece of paper (assuming ​someone ‌had a pen handy). Then, they would wait ⁣for‍ a call⁣ on their landline, or make the call themselves. Without the convenience of dating apps or the option⁢ to‌ slide into someone’s DMs, dating was a completely‍ in-person⁢ experience, with a few phone calls or emails thrown in the mix. ‍It’s quite a lot to wrap your head around.

However, it’s worth noting⁢ that many people have grown tired of⁢ dating apps in recent ⁤years, opting for a more traditional approach.⁣ This is understandable, considering the endless swiping, the difficulty of getting a sense of someone’s personality from‌ a few⁣ pictures and a brief bio, and the fact‍ that chemistry is a physical phenomenon – a touch ​on the leg, a ⁢lean ⁢in to light a⁣ cigarette, and so on. It seems​ that‌ dating apps were ‌never ⁣going ‍to be ‌the ultimate solution ‌we once thought they could‌ be. Hence, the​ resurgence of ⁤meeting people in person ⁤and dating them.

That‍ being said, not⁤ everyone finds⁣ it easy to​ meet​ people or flirt in person. ​This is particularly true for those ​under ​25 ‌who can’t recall⁤ a ⁢time before ‌Instagram⁣ reactions. With this in mind, here’s a useful guide to meeting people in real ‌life, ⁢without the ‍use of dating apps or DMs.

Choose the‌ right ‌locations

If you’re looking to meet ‍new ⁣people, it’s⁤ not enough to ⁤frequent the same three places ‍(your home, the ⁢local Aldi, and your friend’s house). You need to explore new places, particularly ​those that ​encourage conversation.⁤ You’re unlikely to meet someone at the cinema or a dental clinic, although stranger things‍ have happened.

Dating expert and author Lalala Letmeexplain‌ recommends attending singles events. While this may ​sound awkward,⁢ it’s worth remembering that everything​ can seem awkward if you overthink ⁢it. “Joining local groups is also a good idea,” she suggests. “But join them ⁣because you enjoy the activity, not just to meet someone. Consider group fitness boot camps ⁤or similar activities‍ where you might find someone ​with shared ⁣interests.”

Otherwise, just stay open to possibilities⁤ – or⁤ as my mother would say, “keep your light on”. “You ‍can have chance encounters ‌anywhere if you’re open to⁤ it,” says Lalala Letmeexplain. “I’ve been approached in a cafe and on the street. While some ⁣might find​ this uncomfortable, I enjoy the ‌unpredictability ⁣of it. If you’re open to random encounters, make eye contact with people you’re attracted to, avoid wearing headphones, and be ⁣friendly and approachable. ⁢Say something non-creepy when the opportunity arises. It’s ⁤a good idea‍ to ⁣simply get ​out there and socialize.”

Master ‌the art of ​flirting

Some people⁣ are naturally flirty. They’ll lean ⁢in while laughing or hold your ⁤gaze ‌for a moment longer⁤ than necessary. For others, flirting ⁢can‍ be a challenge (like those who resort to teasing because ‌they heard it works on a ​podcast, or those who misinterpret⁣ signals). Or, like many of us, you ‍might fall somewhere ‍in between.

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