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The Extent Men Go to for Cosmetic Purposes by Lisa

Penile plastic ‌surgery⁢ is becoming increasingly​ popular,‌ particularly‍ in⁣ Beverly Hills, a city known for its obsession​ with cosmetic procedures. Phalloplasty, or penile enhancement surgery, is leading the trend, offering procedures that can‍ increase the length, girth, or overall size of the penis.

Despite the popularity of ⁤male-enhancement⁤ pills, they are not effective in increasing ​penis size. According to Dr Gary Alter, a renowned plastic surgeon ‍and​ urologist based in‍ Beverly Hills, the only proven‍ method ⁤to ⁣enlarge the penis is through surgery. Other methods such as stretching, ‌hanging weights, and “jelqing” are also⁣ ineffective.

The most common procedure performed by⁢ surgeons is penis lengthening. This is achieved by severing the⁢ suspensory and fundiform ligaments from inside the⁤ pubic‌ bone and extending them, resulting in an average increase of 2-3cm.

Dr Krakovsky, a plastic surgeon specializing in penile cosmetic surgery,⁤ explains that while hanging weights on the penis ​does not increase‍ its length, ​it ⁣is crucial post-surgery ‌to stretch the scar tissue. If not, the penis ‌may retract, resulting in a shorter length than before the​ surgery. Dr Alter adds that many of his procedures involve ‍correcting previous surgeries.

Increasing girth involves using strips of AlloDerm, a⁢ product made from human ⁤tissue leftover⁤ from other surgeries like ‍tummy tucks.⁢ These strips are⁤ wrapped ⁣around the penis or ‍placed‌ along the shaft, resulting in‌ an average girth increase​ of ‍1-2cm.

Before the development of AlloDerm, collagen or fat was injected into the ​penis to increase ‍its width. However, ⁢this ⁢method often ⁣led to dissatisfaction among patients. A notable‌ case is that of American John Wayne Bobbitt, who had fat from ⁤his stomach injected ‌into his penis, ⁣resulting in a lumpy appearance.

Beverly Hills​ Surgical Specialists, a leading provider of penis enlargement surgery, ​now offers “glans ‍penis enhancement” or ‍GPE. This ‍procedure involves injecting⁤ hyaluronic acid gel into ⁢the penis head, resulting in an increase in size. The procedure, which originated in⁢ Korea, has been performed with excellent results and was approved‌ by⁣ the US Food and Drug Administration in⁣ 2004. ⁤The procedure typically⁢ results in a 20 percent increase in circumference and is ​often performed⁤ alongside penis widening. Dr Krakovsky also offers “triple penile‌ augmentation”, which increases the length, width,⁣ and size of the penis ⁢head using thin AlloDerm grafts.

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