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Surviving Work from Home: A Guide for Couples by Lisa

Once upon a time, ⁢the⁢ idea of working from⁤ home seemed like a dream. You‍ might have ‍pictured those⁢ who worked from⁣ home ⁢lounging ‌in their pyjamas, typing away on their laptops while munching on snacks, free from the prying eyes of their boss⁤ and the incessant chatter of their⁤ colleagues. However, the reality⁢ of working⁤ from home during the lockdown might have changed your perspective.

Perhaps you’ve embraced⁢ the work-from-home lifestyle, ready ⁤to ​protest vehemently if asked to return to the office.⁢ Or maybe you⁤ find yourself missing the⁢ friendly banter with Dave at the front desk or Janice from⁤ the marketing team.

Sharing a ⁤workspace at⁣ home with‍ a ‌partner might have ⁤seemed charming at first. But as the ⁤novelty wears off and the colder, darker days of⁣ winter approach, you might be wondering how to keep the ⁣peace and maintain productivity. Here are some tips to help you navigate this ⁤new normal.

Establish a Morning Routine

Start your day ⁢as if you were ‍still​ commuting to the ‍office. Engage in a morning ‍routine that includes exercise, reading, or any other form of relaxation or self-care. This will help you transition into work mode and reduce ⁤the temptation to slack‌ off during ⁢the day. And remember, unless your job involves testing beds, your workspace should not be your bed. If space is limited and ⁢you must work ‌in the⁣ bedroom, make sure the bed⁢ is made and sit on top of the covers, not under them.

Create a Comfortable Workspace

With the reality ‍that working from home is here to ‍stay, it’s time ⁤to invest in ‍a comfortable office chair. Your⁤ back and neck will thank you, and it will ​help to separate​ your work and leisure spaces.

Make your⁤ workspace inviting and ⁤cozy.​ Good lighting is crucial, especially during ‍the winter months.⁣ Consider ⁤investing in‍ a SAD‍ lamp for your bedroom to help you⁢ wake up in the morning. There are also desk versions available ‍that emit blue light, which can be⁤ less distracting and ⁣more ‌conducive to‌ productivity.

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