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Steps to Becoming a Gigolo by Lisa

Since the ⁤debut ‌of the reality TV show ⁤ Gigolos, the demand for services at Cowboys4Angels, a high-end straight male escort agency, has skyrocketed. The agency, ⁢which is based in Las ‌Vegas and is set to expand to ‍London, is currently hiring.

For those considering a career in this industry, Garren James, the owner ⁣of Cowboys4Angels, provides some insight. ⁢He explains that⁤ the ideal⁣ candidate should be attractive, stylish, well-groomed, physically fit, and charming. They should also be confident without being arrogant, emotionally mature, stable, and have a genuine respect for women. James, a former fashion model, stripper, and⁢ escort,⁢ knows what ⁢it‍ takes⁤ to succeed ‌in this line of work.

When asked about ‌the importance of physical attributes, such as⁢ penis size, James is quick to ​clarify that they‌ are not selling ⁣sex. The focus is on providing companionship and ​time, which is completely legal. The ⁢agency charges £225 per hour (with a two-hour minimum), £1,800 for an overnight ‍stay, £4,750 for a ⁢weekend, and £13,000 for a week-long booking.

Besides providing the talent⁣ for the Gigolos TV show,⁢ Cowboys4Angels caters to successful women such as doctors, lawyers, judges, and corporate ⁣executives who ‍are seeking the “boyfriend experience”. Their typical client is a woman ⁣in her forties who‍ may be married or recently divorced, and is looking for companionship.

As for what these paid escorts are willing to do, it varies. Some may be open to more intimate activities if ‌there ⁣is a ​mutual romantic connection.⁤ However, other agencies, such ⁣as Gentlemen4Hire and Cavendish Knights, strictly offer non-sexual services and companionship for various occasions.

James reflects⁤ on the success of Cowboys4Angels, stating that when he started the agency five years ago, he had no idea how⁣ successful it would become. He saw a gap in the market‍ for an agency that catered exclusively to women, as many male escorts at the time were catering ⁣to men and occasionally women. This‍ approach was off-putting to many women,⁢ who felt⁢ that the escorts were not genuinely interested in ⁤them. ⁢James’ agency has filled this gap, providing ⁣a ⁣service that women truly want.

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