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We Interview Those Who Tailor Their Proposals for Instagram by Lisa

In late June, a tale ⁤from the Atlantic made waves on the internet. It was about an Instagram​ influencer, Marissa Fuchs, who ‍documented her elaborate proposal journey. Fuchs, who is the‌ director⁣ of​ partnerships at Goop, shared ‌a series of photos, videos, and stories on Instagram, showcasing her journey from⁤ New York to Paris, led​ by her ⁤influencer boyfriend, Gabriel Grossman. The story gained traction when it​ was revealed that the proposal was ⁣entirely sponsored,⁣ with Fuchs herself being part of the ⁣”surprise“. This‌ was exposed through a pitch⁣ deck sent to brands, offering‍ them an opportunity for product placement. However, what was ⁤more surprising was the ‌lack ‍of shock‍ from the readers. One​ Twitter user commented, “This doesn’t ‌surprise me. ⁢Not even a little.”

The​ need to have a social media-worthy life is well-known, and this is especially true for ‌events related to romantic ​relationships. Occasions ⁤like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are‌ often showcased on‌ social​ media by couples. However, the trend of making the wedding proposal⁢ perfectly Instagrammable is gaining momentum. While ⁣this ⁢trend is often fueled by vanity, many people are ⁣finding the pressure overwhelming.​ In some cases, the pressure has even led ⁤to ⁣the end ⁤of relationships.

Marie, ⁤a 32-year-old from Cambridge, shares her‍ experience of being proposed to⁣ by her now ex-boyfriend. “It was a ‍romantic⁣ beach-side restaurant proposal with ⁣candles. But‍ when we walked⁣ in, I felt ⁢a panic rising that he might propose,” she says.‌ Marie and her ⁤then-boyfriend were on a holiday‍ that was meant to either‍ make or break their relationship. “When⁣ he got down on one knee, I saw a flash of the photographer he’d hired to capture the moment, and ⁤I ‍felt obliged to ⁤say yes,” she adds. Within a few ‌hours, the edited pictures were ⁤on Instagram, making him look like⁣ the most romantic man ever. This was the ⁤final straw for Marie, and she ended the relationship‌ a few days after ⁤they returned. However, her⁢ ex had received such positive engagement on Instagram from their engagement⁣ photos that she had⁣ to fight him for weeks to​ get him‍ to⁢ remove them.

Brandon,⁤ a ‍custom jeweller based ​in Seattle, shares a story about ⁤an extravagant‍ proposal ​he was part of. “The ​man just bought the ‌ring based on his girlfriend’s ⁤Pinterest and Instagram likes,​ then planned a big event at a local industrial loft,” he says. The room was minimally decorated, with ⁣one small⁢ area adorned ​with paper lanterns, hundreds of candles, ‌posters ‍with photos of⁣ the couple,⁢ their favourite bible verses, and their favourite music playing in the background. Their ​friends and⁣ family ‌were ⁢hidden⁣ in a back area, ready to surprise her after she said yes.‌ The proposal was successful, and the ​lights came up, turning the event into a surprise engagement party.

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