Celebrity Matchmaking

Introducing Olivia Rigg: The Exceptional Matchmaker for A-List Celebrities and the Super Wealthy by Lisa

Imagine being in a relationship ⁤but having to travel for work‍ 100 times a year. Or being so famous that ⁤you can’t ⁣go on a date without being photographed. The solution to these ⁣problems? Olivia Rigg. As the founder of Hamilton Rigg, Rigg provides‌ an exclusive matchmaking service,​ pairing her male clients with ‍accomplished women from her extensive ⁤professional network, with the⁢ aim of sparking potential relationships.

Hamilton Rigg’s matchmaking service isn’t for everyone. The agency ‌typically works with 12 to 20 clients annually, charging a fee that starts in the low five ​figures. However,‍ Rigg offers exactly what an international ​tycoon or celebrity might expect ​for their investment: ⁤a ⁤professional, insightful service that matches individuals ⁤based on their personality traits and relationship expectations.

Prior to launching Hamilton Rigg, Rigg worked in the fashion industry and spent four years at ⁣Mayfair matchmakers Gray and Farrar. There, she‍ honed her instincts and built a ‌global professional network. Although ⁣she ⁤left the company to take ‌a break from her busy, globe-trotting ​lifestyle, her passion for connecting⁤ the right couples persisted. A year‌ ago, she began making introductions for friends and acquaintances, which eventually evolved into a business.

In an interview with GQ, Rigg discussed her clients’ dating ‍preferences, the challenges ⁤of finding a ⁤soulmate⁢ for a billionaire, and ⁢how her career as a⁣ matchmaker has influenced her own‌ perception of ​love.

When asked about the first step she would take if a tech billionaire approached her seeking a ​girlfriend, Rigg explained that she ​and her team would conduct extensive research on the client.⁣ She emphasized the importance of‌ understanding a client’s values and mentality, stating that ​while many people⁤ could⁤ afford her fees, the service is more about‌ the value they place on⁣ having⁣ quality relationships. Rigg added that ⁤all ⁤her clients tend to be forward-thinking, results-oriented individuals, and that having an open, committed relationship with them is crucial.

Regarding the number⁢ of ​clients she⁤ works with in a typical year, Rigg ⁢revealed that she works with each client on a six-month basis, taking ‍on one or two new clients ‌a‍ month. This means she works​ with between ⁢12​ to 20 clients annually. She stressed that she doesn’t work with ⁢everyone who approaches her, as some potential clients ​simply aren’t worth her time.

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