Come, All You Who Lack Faith by Lisa

For those curious about infidelity, contemplating‍ it, or⁤ simply intrigued by how others manage it,‌ a fresh publication offers guidance on how to navigate it without‌ getting caught. Cheat: A Man’s Guide To Infidelity (Simon & Schuster, £18), penned by three self-confessed “scumbag cheaters” and stand-up ⁣comedians, provides a roadmap to successful ⁤cheating. ⁤Authors Bill Burr, Joe⁤ DeRosa, ⁣and Robert ‍Kelly clarify, “We’re not advocating for cheating,‌ we’re‌ merely providing a how-to⁣ guide. However, if you’re⁣ caught, ⁣don’t blame the book.”

As a single woman perusing this book, I’m left wondering: if one invests ⁤so much energy devising intricate cheating strategies, wouldn’t it be simpler to end ‍the relationship ⁢or file for divorce? The authors‘ justification is as follows:⁢ “In⁤ these tough times,‍ when⁤ demands⁤ of £40,000 a month in ⁤child support are not seen as extortionate,​ this information is crucial.” This sentiment​ echoes the‌ responses I received when ⁢interviewing married men who had affairs with married women⁤ via a “married but dating” website. When asked why they didn’t divorce, the common reply was, “She’ll‌ take half ‍my income, the house, ⁢the kids, ‌and even the dog.”

The book ​caters to both married men seeking to cheat on their⁤ wives​ and‌ single men wanting to ⁢cheat on their girlfriends while maintaining a “rotation” of other women. ⁤The authors caution that the risk of getting caught ranges from low to high, asserting ⁣that the potential for exposure is ‍”part of ⁤the game” and what “makes the caper so thrilling”. The trio of⁢ seasoned ​cheaters ‍provide a comprehensive guide to cheating, from‌ “selecting your target” to ensuring no incriminating evidence is left behind.

The initial step ⁢in the cheating process,​ according⁤ to the authors, is to “shed any⁤ feelings of shame and guilt”. The‍ next ​step⁣ is to “evade the ​truth”. To get into the mindset of ⁤a cheater, they‍ suggest affirming, ⁢”Cheating is not my fault.”

Interestingly, they advise complete ⁣honesty about⁢ your dishonesty⁤ with the person you’re cheating with. A proposed conversation starter could be, ⁣”I’m already ⁤in a relationship, but⁣ it’s ‘damaged’ and not doing well.”

If she consents to sleep with you, you should then cut ties and inform her that your girlfriend discovered the affair and is‌ upset. This strategy aims to prevent any potential drama that could arise if your new girlfriend were ​to find out‌ and react violently.

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