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An Adult Film Star’s Tips for Intimacy During a Heatwave by Lisa

Feeling the heat?​ The UK is not exactly built for these scorching temperatures.‌ While it’s great for beach trips, park picnics, and outdoor dining, it’s ​not so pleasant when you’re commuting or working ⁣from home. It’s safe to say, the heat can make everyday tasks ⁤feel unbearable.

Unlike​ Mediterranean countries that thrive in the ⁢heat, the UK’s summer isn’t ⁣exactly glamorous.⁢ Picture sunburnt lads in pubs, chanting in unison every​ four years, ⁢hoping​ for a football victory. Not to mention, the heat​ is a stark reminder of the looming climate crisis, adding another layer of discomfort ⁢to our summer.

Given these circumstances, you might not be feeling particularly attractive. Perhaps​ you’re irritable from ⁣the heat, or‌ you’re put ⁤off ‍by ⁣your partner’s‌ attempts to cool ​down with a fan. Regardless, summer is still a time for romance and intimacy. Think about the ⁣summer flings and ⁢spontaneous afternoon encounters⁣ after ⁣a few Aperol Spritz in⁤ the sun!

To help you navigate the heat and keep the spark alive, we’ve sought advice⁤ from OnlyFans creator Ethan-Jay. He’s shared his top tips for maintaining a healthy ⁤sex life during a heatwave. So, grab a‍ towel and ‌let’s⁢ dive in.

Choose your position carefully

Unless you’re a fan of sweaty ‍sheets, it’s worth considering the‌ type‍ of intimacy you engage in during⁣ a heatwave. ‍Now ‌might not be the best time to experiment with physically demanding positions ‍or overly intimate ones. Ethan-Jay suggests positions that minimize body contact, such as​ doggy style, the bodyguard, and cowboy or reverse cowboy. Alternatively, you could…

Consider mutual masturbation

The most comfortable way to⁢ achieve satisfaction during a heatwave might be to ‍go solo. If you prefer company,‍ you could ⁣engage in mutual‍ masturbation. This eliminates the discomfort of ​sweat and body odour. Plus,⁢ with video calling, you ‍don’t even ​need to be in the same room.

If you’re together, there are plenty of positions to try. Ethan-Jay suggests side-by-side mutual masturbation, a ​’suckless 69′, ⁢or ‘the hug’, where‍ one partner sits on the other’s lap and they ‍reach down to pleasure each other.

Try shower⁣ sex

Shower sex is often romanticized, but⁣ in‌ reality, ‌it can ‌be challenging and awkward. ​However, during a ⁢heatwave, it⁤ might be worth a shot. Washing​ off the sweat as⁤ you go sounds like a practical solution. The key is to find a comfortable position and perhaps practice outside of the ‍shower first to avoid any embarrassing injuries.

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