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Exploring the Tinder for Casual Sexual Partners: A Hands-On Experience by Lisa

Previously known as Bang With Friends, Down is a dating application that operates similarly to Tinder. It’s user-friendly, prompting you to swipe ⁢through profiles to find potential matches for either a date or​ a casual encounter. However, unlike Tinder, which connects​ you with local strangers, Down introduces you to people ⁢from your Facebook network. Despite a ‌recent lawsuit from Zynga (the creators of Words With Friends) leading to a name change to the more ambiguous Down, the app’s core‌ purpose remains the same – connecting friends for potential romantic or sexual encounters.

Within the first few minutes of using Down, I found myself swiping left for ‘no’ more often than not. There were schoolmates known for their less than appealing habits, ex-boyfriends,‌ and distant acquaintances. ‌However, when I came across a long-time secret crush, I swiped up for a date. I also ‍swiped down for⁤ a casual encounter‍ with a man I had dated in the summer, curious to see if the attraction was still mutual. I even swiped up for a strikingly handsome man, only to regret it upon remembering his current relationship status on Facebook.

After ten minutes‌ of swiping, I began to question the app’s ⁤user base.​ Despite being relatively new, it seemed like every man I had ever met was on it. I​ soon realized that Down presents you with everyone⁣ as a potential match, in the hopes‌ that they will eventually join⁣ the app⁤ and you’ll match. This concept unnerved me. ⁣I imagined⁤ these men matching with ‍me years down the line, long after I had forgotten about the‍ app. I also realized that I was due to see all three men I had swiped out ⁤of curiosity at upcoming social events. The potential for⁣ embarrassment was high, especially if⁤ they joined the app, matched with me as a​ joke, and then discovered I was serious. The thought of becoming a laughing stock was too much.

So, I deleted the app.

It took me just ten minutes to realize that Down was not for me. ⁢Rummaging through your ‌Facebook friends⁣ for ‌a potential hookup is not only desperate⁢ and disheartening but also self-destructive and insane. Why would anyone want to​ complicate their social circle with awkward romantic entanglements? This world is small enough as‍ it is, with potential embarrassment lurking around every corner. Every conversation has a mutual friend, every name is traceable online, and truly anonymous encounters are rare. I’ve even run into a one-night stand while ⁣shopping for a sandwich at a service station. Every date, every encounter carries the⁣ risk of awkwardness and embarrassment. I don’t want to increase that risk. While I understand‍ the concept of Down, ‌it’s safe to ​say I won’t be using it anytime soon.

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