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The Rise of Injectable Fillers in Penis Enlargement Popularity by Lisa

Half a decade ago, a casual conversation during a ‍routine cosmetic procedure ⁢sparked a revolutionary idea in ‍the mind of New York-based plastic surgeon, David ⁤Shafer. While performing ⁤filler injections on a​ woman’s face, her​ boyfriend jokingly inquired if the same could be ⁣done to his penis. Instead of‌ dismissing ⁣the idea, Shafer saw potential. Two days later, the man‍ became the first to have his penis‍ enhanced with dermal filler.

Fast‍ forward to today, ⁢and penis enlargement using the same technology that enhances lips and defines jawlines is ⁤now a common‌ procedure‍ offered ⁣by plastic ‍surgeons nationwide.⁣ Shafer’s unique ⁣method,⁢ aptly named the Shafer Width and Girth procedure ⁤(or SWAG), has gained significant popularity. “It’s become ‍a huge part of our business,” Shafer revealed. “When⁤ I first started it was one ​or two a week, then one a day, then two ⁣a day. Now it’s four ⁣or five a day.” The⁢ procedure’s ‌popularity led to the opening ⁤of⁣ an entire ⁣floor dedicated to these‍ below-the-belt injections in January.

The procedure is relatively simple and quick. ​Patients are first given an anaesthetic shot at the base of⁢ their shaft. Then, their penis is injected with hyaluronic acid-based filler. Shafer typically uses Voluma or the newer Volux brand, which are more commonly used for firmer areas of the face ‌like the cheeks and chin. Depending on the⁤ patient’s preference, this can require⁣ 10 to 20 syringes of filler, costing anywhere between $11,000 to $20,000. The‌ results start⁢ to show immediately, but the full effects are visible⁣ after about two weeks. ⁤Patients are⁣ advised to abstain from intercourse for 48 hours post-procedure.

According to Shafer, the ‍procedure makes the penis⁢ appear as if it has gained weight, similar to how an arm looks thicker after weight gain. While it doesn’t technically add length, the added weight ⁢can⁢ often create an elongated⁢ appearance.

One of Shafer’s patients, who⁢ we’ll refer to as Jason, discovered Dr Shafer​ while ⁤searching the​ Internet for penile enhancement products. “I never had⁢ any complaints​ about my⁣ size, and had what I considered‍ a healthy sex life,” he ⁤said. ‌”But I was always looking for something more. I⁤ think it’s beneficial to try to optimize ourselves, and whether it’s in the gym, or how we eat, ‍or, trying a procedure ​like this,⁤ I feel it’s a way to enhance ​what‍ we have, and just another process to become the best version⁤ of ourselves.”

Jason admitted to being nervous during his first visit but‍ still spent $12,000 on injections.⁢ He said the result speaks for itself: “Not only does ​sex feel‌ physically ⁤better, but the excitement around it is heightened due to⁤ the confidence attained.” It appears that you can, in fact, buy big dick energy: “It’s‌ walking around with this new, heavy dick ‌that truly feels amazing.”

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Is your penis curved during an erection? by Lisa

There are ‍certain constants in⁤ life that we take for granted. The inevitable ‍rain during a⁤ British summer, the premature playing⁤ of Christmas songs in stores, and Jose Mourinho pointing fingers at the referee. You might also assume that a functioning penis is one of these constants. It’s just there, doing its job. However, for​ an estimated ​3-7% of the⁢ global male population who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, this is far from the truth.

Peyronie’s Disease may not be⁢ a household name, and no, it’s not caused by excessive consumption of ⁢Italian beers. Despite its relative obscurity, this condition affects thousands of men across the UK, many of whom suffer⁤ in silence.

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition that results in a curved penis. While it’s normal for penises to have a slight curve, Peyronie’s‍ Disease causes a ‍curvature that‍ can make sexual intercourse painful or even impossible, and it can be ‍a permanent ​condition.

Throughout‌ my medical career, I’ve encountered numerous patients who delay seeking ‌medical help due to embarrassment, with men often being the worst offenders. This is particularly true when the issue is related to their sexual ⁣health. This is why⁤ Peyronie’s Disease remains largely unknown and why many ​men fail to seek treatment.

The man sitting next to you on the train could⁣ be silently suffering from ⁤a condition that’s negatively impacting his sex life, straining⁤ his ⁣relationship, and causing mental health issues. In a study of men with Peyronie’s disease, 77% reported psychological effects, and one in four experienced‍ relationship problems.

As a medical professional, ⁤my goal‍ is to foster an environment where people feel comfortable discussing their sexual health and related issues. The more we normalize these conversations, the more⁢ people will seek treatment and discover available solutions. That’s why I’m committed‌ to raising awareness about Peyronie’s Disease among men in the UK, through factual information and ​open dialogue. Here’s what you need to know:

Understanding Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease results in a curved ‍penis during erection. Unlike the natural slight ​curve seen in many penises, ⁢this curvature is caused by a build-up of collagen⁢ and can be extremely painful.

The Cause of Peyronie’s Disease

The exact cause⁢ of collagen build-up in the penis remains unknown.‌ It could be a genetic condition or could result from scar tissue formation due to a sex or masturbation injury (which might have gone unnoticed). The lump, or “plaque,”⁤ of ⁤collagen doesn’t expand when the penis becomes erect, causing ⁤the⁢ penis to bend ​and resulting in pain.

Who​ is at Risk?

While Peyronie’s Disease is ⁣most⁢ common in men over 40, it can affect anyone. Some evidence suggests it ​might be genetic. It’s estimated that up to 7% of the male⁣ population suffers from it, but due to⁤ the reluctance to discuss the issue, the actual number could be much higher.

Treatment Options

Various treatment⁣ options are available,​ ranging from injections to surgery. More information about the treatments can be found here. However, it’s crucial for those who suspect they‌ might have Peyronie’s Disease to⁤ seek medical help as ‌soon as possible.

Let’s break the silence surrounding this taboo topic. Take⁢ control of your ‌sexual health and don’t ​suffer in silence from this debilitating condition. Treatments are available, but the first step is seeking ‌help.

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