The Evolution of the ‘Divorced Guy’ into a Meme and an Identity

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As an avid Twitter ⁤user, I often find⁣ myself envious of those who are blissfully unaware of who Laurence Fox is. The ​Harrow-educated ex-actor, who​ first⁤ gained ⁢notoriety‌ after his appearance on‌ BBC’s Question Time in 2020, has since reinvented ​himself‌ as‌ a voice for those⁣ who are disgruntled with ​the “elites”. He has publicly expressed his disdain for “wokeism”, Meghan Markle, the act of taking the knee, and mask-wearing.

Fox’s knack for stirring up controversy is nothing new, yet ‍it’s frustratingly effective. I’ve observed ⁢that​ whenever he posts a particularly controversial tweet, such⁤ as likening masks to “woke⁤ burqas”, the term “divorce” often trends alongside his name. ‌Occasionally, ‌his ex-wife (Billie Piper) also trends. The insinuation appears to be that Fox’s short-lived music career and his venture⁣ into politics – which includes a⁣ failed attempt⁢ at becoming London’s ⁣mayor, the establishment of​ a political party, and ‍incessant social media activity – are all‍ reactions to his 2016 divorce. (I attempted to contact Fox’s representatives for their take on this theory,​ but received no response).

Divorce seems to be a common theme these days. ⁢The pandemic ⁤has led to a spike in divorce rates in the UK, China, the US, and​ many other countries worldwide. High-profile divorces,⁣ such​ as those of Kim⁤ and Kanye, Miley‌ Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, Adele, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos, have also been making headlines.‌ Over the past few years, several articles have suggested that 2019, 2020, and ⁢now 2021 have been characterized ⁣by ‍”big divorce energy”.

So, what exactly is ⁤”divorce energy”? It appears ​to‍ be‌ predominantly​ heterosexual and gender-specific. Even‍ before divorce became a popular topic on Twitter, the stereotypes associated​ with divorced men ‍and women were markedly ⁢different.⁢ For women, “divorce ​energy” seems to symbolize liberation and freedom. Examples include ‍Princess Diana’s⁤ famous‌ “revenge ‍dress”‌ (which⁤ has its own Wikipedia page),​ Kim Kardashian’s SNL hosting gig followed⁤ by her public outings with comedian Pete Davidson, and Adele’s promotion⁣ of her⁤ album 30, ⁢which included stylish outfits ‌and high-profile interviews‍ with Vogue‌ and Oprah Winfrey. For these women, “divorce energy” signifies optimism and the anticipation of​ better days ⁣ahead. It sends the message: “I’m going ‍to be just⁣ fine”.

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