Top Dating Apps for Serious Relationships

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Top Apps for Finding a Long-Term Partner ‌in 2024

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Are you ​tired ​of ​lonely nights and dates that lead nowhere? Ready to find your life ‍partner? You can ⁤ask friends‌ and family ⁢to set you up,‍ or you‍ can join​ the majority of 21st-century singles and turn to your smartphone. Dating apps were designed to simplify the process of‍ finding a long-term partner.

However, with a plethora of platforms‌ and users looking for casual fun rather than ⁣commitment, finding a serious match can seem daunting. If your online search for “the one” is starting to wear you out, it might be time to reassess your strategy and ‌the apps you’re using.

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If your current online dating experience sounds‌ familiar, it’s time to shake things up. We’ve consulted⁤ dating experts ⁤for their top tips and advice on ‌which dating apps will ⁤help⁤ you find a match who’s also looking for commitment.

Here ⁢are our top app recommendations for those ready to settle down, along with​ some smart⁢ strategies to⁢ help you find your perfect match in no time.

Finding a Serious⁣ Relationship

Are ‌you over awkward hookups and ⁣unsatisfying one-night stands? Do you⁢ crave a meaningful connection with someone‍ you care about and look forward to seeing regularly? Are you more attracted⁤ to someone’s mind and spirit than their physical appearance?

If you answered yes to these​ questions, you’re ready for a serious ​relationship. But in today’s hookup culture, finding a potential partner can be confusing. How⁣ do you​ distinguish potential partners from casual daters? How⁣ do you⁢ put yourself out there without⁢ getting ⁤hurt? One ‍of the easiest ways is ⁢to use the⁤ right‍ dating apps – those designed for people ‍looking for‍ serious, long-term⁢ relationships.

We have some great advice on‍ how to do‍ this, as well ⁤as which apps offer the best chance of finding a significant other.

How to Use Dating Apps to Find⁣ a Serious Relationship

If ⁢you’re struggling to find what you want ​on a dating‌ app (i.e., someone interested in ​a serious relationship), one ‍challenge might be that you’re unsure of your matches’ ​intentions.

Elena⁤ Murzello, author of “The Love⁣ List:⁤ A Guide to Getting​ What⁢ You Want,” suggests​ making​ your intentions clear on your profile. However, avoid​ coming on too strong. Instead of saying, ‘I’m interested in marriage and settling down immediately,’ try something like, ‘I’m looking for⁣ a committed⁤ relationship.’

When crafting ⁤your⁤ bio, Murzello advises‍ keeping it concise and including information‍ a potential‍ long-term partner ⁢would⁤ want to know. ⁣High-quality photos that showcase your personality are‌ key. Remember, ​no one has time to read a novel, so⁤ write succinctly and include​ your interests!

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As for⁤ determining whether your ‍matches are looking for something‍ serious, Murzello suggests ​paying close attention to their photos. Low-quality photos‌ or profiles without a bio could indicate‍ a lack of effort and a lack of interest in something ‌serious.

The time of day or‌ night you typically ⁤chat with a match can also indicate what they’re ​looking for. According to Lauren Levine, dating expert and co-host of The Margarita Confessionals, if they’re⁢ making conversation during the‍ workday​ or late at night, they’re⁤ probably not looking for a relationship. ​Also, ⁢if the conversation lacks substance, ‌they’re likely not interested in getting to know you on​ a deeper⁣ level.

Levine suggests keeping this in mind when messaging matches. If they’re engaging in a⁤ real conversation and showing interest in getting to know you, they’re probably interested in something more serious. Also, meet up as soon as‍ you feel ⁢comfortable. It’s much easier to gauge‍ what ⁣someone is like ⁢and what they’re looking for when you’re face to face.

How to Avoid ⁣Scams When Looking for ‌a Serious Relationship Online

Using dating apps for marriage? Unfortunately, this makes you a prime target for scammers, catfishers, and⁣ fraudsters ⁢who might ⁤try to steal your personal or ⁢financial information. Identity theft and credit card fraud have ⁢skyrocketed ​with the growth of ​the ‌internet, and dating apps are a new avenue for⁢ these malicious individuals.

To minimize your risk, follow these common-sense practices:

  • Choose a dating ⁣app with built-in ‍security features and active filtering of fake users and ​bots.
  • Never share personal or identifying information with a‌ stranger, including ‌your home address.
  • Never click a link to an external website shared over a‌ dating⁣ app.
  • Never agree ​to⁢ pay for anything for another person over a dating app.

By following these tips, you can enjoy online dating without worry.

The Best Dating Apps for Serious Relationships

Coffee ‌Meets Bagel

According‌ to James Anderson, dating expert at Beyond ‍Ages, many dating apps and sites ‍are a numbers game. You browse ​through hundreds of ⁤profiles, message dozens ‍of people, and maybe get a few dates. However, Coffee Meets Bagel takes a different approach. You receive a daily match‍ that aligns with what⁣ you’re​ looking for, encouraging users ‍to take the time to review the match rather than making a snap decision ⁣based on a photo.
Check out Coffee Meets Bagel


From the ‍start, Hinge has positioned itself as “the dating app designed⁤ to be deleted.” The member profiles are ‍thorough and detailed, focusing ​on ⁣personality rather than superficiality. With over⁢ 5 million users worldwide, most⁢ of whom ⁢are between the ages of 24 and‌ 32⁢ and college-educated, Hinge is a great starting⁤ point for city dwellers looking for love rather than hookups.
Check ⁢out Hinge


You’ve‍ probably seen the ‌commercials ‍and heard the ⁤success stories. If ⁤you’re serious about finding a ‌relationship, investing ⁣in⁢ a dating app like Match could be worthwhile. The more involved a dating app is, the less ⁢likely users will⁤ use it for casual encounters. Match offers plenty of features that make the ‌process more straightforward, from algorithms⁤ that highlight ‍similarities when ​viewing profiles to the ability to upload more than ⁤a few photos.
Check‌ out Match

The League

The League‌ operates ⁣under a similar limited match⁤ system as Coffee Meets Bagel. You may even have to wait to sign‌ up, depending⁣ on the user base in your area. Once you’re in, you’re given three matches per day based ⁤on your preferences. The League’s acceptance process ensures​ that users are serious about dating, and inactive users are removed after two weeks.
Check out ⁣The League


Online dating burnout ​can⁢ happen to ‍anyone, but for women​ seeking​ serious relationships, the barrage of inappropriate⁤ messages can be particularly off-putting. Bumble addresses‌ this‍ by making the app’s messaging features women’s choice. According to Anderson, this leads to a better experience for women, ‌a ‌higher quality of users, and a better experience ‍for‌ everyone.
Check out Bumble

Elite Singles

If⁤ you’re tired of trying‌ to ⁣determine your compatibility with potential‍ matches ‌based on a few photos and three emojis in their ‍bio, Elite Singles might be the app for you. To sign up, members need to complete a comprehensive personality test, which is​ then used to identify matches in ‍your area.
Check out Elite ⁢Singles


OkCupid, the ‌O.G.‌ dating site, is⁣ rebranding itself as a relationship-focused app. This means‌ there’s⁢ a high chance that single women​ in your area have recently re-downloaded this app in hopes of finding a serious relationship. OkCupid features⁢ a‍ comprehensive ‍profile and the ability to search using⁢ keywords, giving⁤ you a more well-rounded⁢ idea of who you’re chatting ​with.
Check ⁤out OkCupid


Similar⁣ to Coffee Meets Bagel, ‌Once gives you one match per day based‌ on your preferences.‌ The app also ensures high-quality photos ⁣and has a ‌team that verifies each profile photo. While not as extensive as some of the other apps on ⁢this list, Once does have a‌ list of questions ⁢you’ll need to answer for the app to start curating potential matches.
Check out Once

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