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We Interview Those Who Tailor Their Proposals for Instagram by Lisa

In late June, a tale from the Atlantic ‍about an Instagrammer’s lavish proposal‌ took the internet by storm. Marissa Fuchs,‌ Goop’s Director of Partnerships, shared a series of‍ Instagram posts, ⁤videos, and stories about her journey following her influencer boyfriend, Gabriel Grossman, from New York to Paris in a scavenger⁢ hunt-style escapade.⁢ The story gained traction when it was revealed that the proposal was entirely sponsored, with Fuchs herself being part of the “surprise”. This was disclosed through a pitch deck sent to brands, offering them the ​opportunity to pay for product placement. However, what stood out was the relatively indifferent reaction from readers. One Twitter ⁣user commented, “This doesn’t surprise me. Not even a little.”

The compulsion to maintain‍ a social media-friendly ⁣existence is well-known, and this is particularly true when it comes to romantic relationships. Social media users often feel obligated to ​highlight events such ‍as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays when they ⁤are in a relationship. However, the wedding proposal has emerged as the ultimate​ moment that couples feel the most pressure to make ‌perfectly Instagram-worthy. This trend, often fueled by vanity, is putting immense pressure ​on many people, sometimes even leading to breakups.

Marie, a 32-year-old from Cambridge, shares⁤ her experience of being proposed to by her now ex-boyfriend in a way that ⁣most would find charming. “Romantic, beach-side restaurant, candles. But ‍when we walked in I felt a panic rising that he might propose,” she says. Marie and her ‍then-boyfriend were⁣ on a “make it or break it-type holiday”, and their relationship ‌was so unstable‍ that she wasn’t sure it would last the trip. “When he got⁣ down on one⁤ knee,⁣ I saw a flash of the photographer he’d hired to capture⁢ the moment and I felt compelled⁣ to say yes,” she recalls. “Within a few hours, he ⁢had‍ the edited pictures and had posted them on Instagram. It essentially made him look ‌like the most romantic man ever.”

For Marie, this was the final straw, and she ended the ​relationship a few days after they returned. However, her ex had received such positive engagement on his Instagram post of their engagement photos that she had to argue with him for weeks to get‍ him to remove them.

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