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Dating Guide for Your Twenties by Lisa

Being ⁣in your twenties and navigating the dating scene can be likened to a toddler let loose with finger paints. It’s a vibrant, ‍chaotic experience, ‍and while you might‍ end up with a few stains, it’s all part of⁣ the fun. You’re⁣ young, and there’s plenty of ⁤time to clean up any‌ messes. ⁣Sure, you might ⁤see an old school friend announcing their engagement ⁣on Instagram, but remember, good things take time. This is especially true when it‍ comes⁤ to love. ⁢Your twenties are a time for exploration and enjoyment before you consider settling down (if that’s​ what you want).

Being ⁣single in your twenties has arguably never been better. With a multitude of dating apps and⁢ social venues, it’s easy to⁢ find‍ potential partners and keep awkward first dates to a minimum. However, it can⁣ also be a bit overwhelming. There’s a limit to how much swiping right one​ can do⁤ before thumb fatigue sets in. To help navigate this, we’ve gathered dating advice from four men in⁤ their twenties who have had success in love. These men include Layton Williams, a 25-year-old actor currently starring in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie; Ahir‌ Shah, a 29-year-old comedian; Roman Kemp, a​ 27-year-old host of Capital Breakfast; and Kem Cetinay,⁣ a 23-year-old Love Island alumnus. Let’s see what the ‌experts have to say.

Finding a⁤ potential partner

During‌ a night out:

Roman Kemp: “The context of the night out is important. It’s crucial to meet someone when you’re sober and can engage in ‍a meaningful conversation. Being mentally and⁢ physically attracted to them is key. A bar is an excellent venue for conversation and ⁤gauging mutual interest. ⁤A nightclub, on the other ​hand, where the music is so loud that⁤ you can’t hear each other and the conversation lasts only a few minutes, is not ideal.”

Kem Cetinay: “I always advocate for meeting someone in person rather⁢ than online. When you’re out, ⁢you can observe their friends, their behaviour in public, ​and who they are as a person.⁤ From ​my experience, it’s better to approach someone rather than overthink it. The longer you wait, the more ‌awkward it becomes. We’ve ⁣all had moments where we regret not ​making a move. I don’t use pick-up ‍lines because I don’t have any, and even if I did, I doubt I ⁢could pull them off. Usually,⁣ I approach someone and strike up a conversation about something they’re doing. It’s always better to be friendly ⁣rather than​ rely on pick-up lines. You‌ never‍ know how someone will react ⁢to⁤ a pick-up line. Some people⁣ find them cringe-worthy, regardless of how good they might ​be.”

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