Internet and Society

Four Views on the Internet’s Impact on Kink by Lisa

As a child, I was always intrigued by the idea of bondage, although I didn’t fully understand ⁢what it meant or that it was part of a broader ⁤category known as “kink“. My first​ introduction ​to ⁣this world came​ during my college years, when I met my first dominant partner on the gay dating app, Scruff. His profile was clear: he was‍ interested⁤ in tattoos, kink, and slim⁤ men. As a‍ slender individual with a few tattoos, I‍ seemed to fit his preferences.

During our initial encounter, he asked if I was ​familiar with​ the concept of kink. My response must have been unsatisfactory, as he immediately​ suggested I do some ⁤online⁢ research. Despite living in a small town in Georgia,⁣ he was a well-known adult film actor for in San Francisco. He introduced me to my first Folsom Street Fair, ⁢the world’s largest leather event, and gifted me my first harness. Since then,⁤ I’ve been⁢ deeply involved in the world⁣ of BDSM, particularly ‌fisting and flogging. I’m ⁢incredibly grateful for his ⁢guidance, as it gave me the language and confidence to explore⁢ this world independently.

I consider ⁣myself a product of the internet age in the realm‌ of ‍leather⁢ and BDSM. I ⁢never had ​to seek approval from a bouncer to enter a BDSM⁢ club, nor did I have to dial a ​number ‍from‍ the back of a leather magazine, as was common ‌in ​previous​ decades. The internet has‍ been my gateway, ‍providing me with an​ abundance of information and access that has also transformed the kink ⁣culture. It has⁤ brought us together in unprecedented ways, while also introducing new issues and challenges. As we increasingly⁢ rely on digital spaces, the threat of misguided censorship looms large.

We spoke with four‌ queer individuals about their experiences with digital kink and how the internet has reshaped the scene, both positively and negatively.

Andrew Gurza, disability awareness ‌consultant, Toronto (he/him)

I’m a leather enthusiast⁤ who enjoys​ rimming and pup⁢ play. ‌I also happen⁣ to be disabled. The internet has enabled me to⁢ merge my disabled life with my kink life in exciting​ ways, but it has⁢ also highlighted the ‍ableism within our community. I can express my kinky side online, dressed in leather or a pup mask, to an audience I wouldn’t have reached otherwise. However, the anonymity⁢ of the internet also opens the door to ableist remarks and cruelty without repercussions. Despite its many benefits, the internet can⁣ be a ‍haven for bullies.

Nevertheless, the‍ internet remains crucial. I often can’t attend in-person kink events due to accessibility issues,⁢ a problem that is seldom discussed. Many disabled kink ⁢enthusiasts​ online face similar challenges in‌ accessing physical kink and leather ​events. The internet ​provides a platform for them to participate and connect with the community.

Lloyd Alexander-Winston ‍MacDonald III,​ fisting top in San Diego (he/him)

At 19, I began visiting bathhouses and sex clubs in LA. During one of these visits, I stumbled upon a⁤ fisting video ‌titled “Acres of Ass” in a leather‌ store. It was ⁣incredibly arousing. Years later, a partner commented‌ on the⁢ size ‍of my hands and taught me how to fist ⁣him. Nowadays, people still discover fisting through pornography,⁣ but not in video​ or leather stores. The internet⁢ provides unlimited access to fisting videos for anyone ​with an internet connection.

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