Is your partner entitled to your genetic information? by Lisa

Last week, I found myself in a situation that required me to lie to my boyfriend. I told⁣ him I was ‍at work when in ⁣reality, I was visiting a doctor in ‌the upscale neighbourhood of Marylebone. I felt a pang of guilt as I spun a web of lies, making me question if I was somehow⁤ being unfaithful. The man ‍I was seeing was not a‌ secret lover, but a medical‍ professional. So why was I‌ hiding this from​ my partner?

I was there for a procedure known as a “fertility MOT”, a check-up ⁤of my reproductive health that costs upwards of £350. The thing is, ‌I’m not​ trying ‌to conceive. I’m ⁢at that age where a pregnancy announcement from ⁤a ‍friend could be met with either joy or sympathy. I simply wanted to know where I stood in terms of ⁤fertility for future reference. I​ wasn’t sure if the results would influence my lifestyle choices. Maybe I’d be more carefree with my spending, adopt more pets, or enjoy the freedom of unprotected sex. I chose not to involve my boyfriend because it​ felt too serious. Even with an explanation, it’s akin to showing up to a casual date in a bridal gown. But what about the results? We’ve discussed having children, so does he have a right to know?

I had the test done at the London‍ Wellness Clinic, surrounded by pictures of happy babies and waiting rooms filled‍ with affectionate couples. A week​ after my blood was drawn, a⁤ nurse ‌asked me a series of questions, including​ whether my partner knew about my visit. I ​confessed that he didn’t, and was met ⁤with understanding. She assured me that many women come alone for‍ check-ups and that what I did with the results was my decision. I felt a ⁣wave of relief.

During the procedure, the doctor used ⁢a cold, wand-like instrument⁣ for the internal examination.⁣ He seemed to avoid direct eye contact with my private area, which led to ⁤a few awkward moments. But soon, my ⁣ovaries were displayed on the screen. I ‍had‍ prepared ⁤for the appointment by grooming my pubic hair, a habit I found peculiar yet necessary. After the procedure, the doctor and I discussed the results. It felt like a private biology lesson, and I realised ​how little I knew about my own body. ​The results were⁣ unremarkable, ‌but⁣ the experience was enlightening.

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