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Her Thoughts When You Send Her an Explicit Image by Lisa

Considering Sending Her Unsolicited Explicit Photos? ‌Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Every woman has her preferences when it comes to men’s physical attributes. It could be​ dimples, ⁢lips,‌ shoulders, or arms. However, one thing that most women don’t appreciate is an unsolicited⁤ explicit photo, especially if​ there’s no personal relationship involved. So, ⁣gentlemen, stop sending explicit‌ photos that weren’t requested.

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Truth be told, we don’t want to ‍see them. ⁢If we’re interested, our imagination is more than enough. It’s unclear when sending⁤ explicit photos became a norm, ⁣but whoever told you it ​was acceptable,‌ misled you. The ​message you think you’re sending with these photos is ‍often misinterpreted.

Let’s delve ​into what goes on in her mind when she receives an unsolicited ⁣explicit photo.

10 Thoughts That Cross Her ‌Mind When She Receives An Unsolicited⁣ Explicit Photo

1. “That’s Unpleasant”

If you’re not going to put in the effort to ensure the photo is appealing — proper grooming, good lighting, right angles, and clear composition — then don’t bother. Even if you’re proud ⁤of your size or prowess, it doesn’t translate well in a photo. The best way to impress a‌ woman is by pleasing her, not by sending ⁢explicit photos.

2. She Feels Violated

After the initial shock, she⁢ feels violated. Not necessarily in a sexual harassment way, but more in a ‘loss of innocence’ way. She can’t unsee what she just saw, and it disrupts her ‌day.‍ It’s imprinted‍ in her⁣ memory, and not in a good way.

3. You Clearly Don’t Respect Her

Simply ‌put, sending an explicit photo doesn’t convey ‌respect or care. It’s insulting to ‍try and pass it off as a compliment ⁢or a joke.‌ It‌ sends a message that you see her as an object, which is not a good look.

4. She Can’t Respect You

How can she ‌respect you when you clearly don’t respect her or women in general? It’s a major turn-off.

5. You Don’t Have Much‍ to Offer

Just like those Instagram girls who post topless photos​ to promote lip gloss, sending ⁤explicit photos ⁢says a ⁢lot about you. It suggests that you lack social skills and understanding of women. No matter how⁣ impressive you think ⁣your photo ⁢is, it can’t compensate for these shortcomings.

6. You’re Not to Be Taken Seriously

If you don’t take yourself ⁤seriously, how⁣ can she? Sending an explicit photo either suggests that ⁣you think it’s funny or sexy, both of which are misguided. It also ​implies that you see her as cheap, which is not a ⁢good‍ start.

7. Where Did Things Go Wrong?

She might wonder how⁢ you misinterpreted ⁤her ‌actions to mean she wanted an explicit photo. It’s a mystery how men often mistake basic kindness for sexual interest. When she receives such a photo, she might question whether she ⁢unintentionally sent the ‍wrong message.

8. Did She‍ Ask for This?

She ⁢might review all her interactions ⁣with you to see if she ever asked for such a photo. In most cases, she’ll quickly ⁢realize that she didn’t, ⁢and it’s just you acting inappropriately.

9. Sharing Is Caring

If you’re sending her an⁤ explicit photo, you must want it to be seen, right? So, she might share⁤ it with her friends, along with some backstory and jokes about you. Remember, when⁤ you send an unsolicited explicit photo, you’re signing up for this.

10. What Was the Goal?

She might wonder what you were⁣ trying to achieve with the photo. Were you trying ⁣to attract her? Turn her on? Get her to send one back? Because that’s not how it works. Women prefer anticipation and mystery. An explicit photo only elicits disgust and a loud‍ “Ewwww!”

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